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I want to write a CSS selector that selects all li elements within a ul element in a document but I don't know how that would be done. Can you help?

ul > li {
  /* css styles go here */


ul li {
  /* css styles go here */

the first selects only direct children the second selects all li nested within an ul.

Constructively,. All ul elements: $("ul"). All ul elements with a classname nav : $("​ul.nav"). All li elements under all ul elements with a classname  The list-style property is a shorthand property. It is used to set all the list properties in one declaration: list-style: square inside url ("sqpurple.gif"); Try it Yourself » When using the shorthand property, the order of the property values are: list-style-type (if a list-style-image is specified, the value of this property will be

This should work:

ul li { /*css here */}

Assuming you are working on the code challenge Using jQuery to Select Elements. The key to this question is to understand that the <ul>  I have not taken that course yet but the difference between ul.nav li and .nav li is that the first one will select only li elements whose parent is a ul with the .nav class assigned to them whereas the second will select any li whose parent has the class .nav assigned to it.

You can use

 ul li {
  /* your code here */

Contextual Selectors. But if we only want to modify <ol> lists (leaving <ul> alone), we need to select only the list items inside ordered lists. The selector “ ol li ” will select any <li> that is inside an <ol> element but not other list items. The page will then look like this. Want to select li elements within a ul with a class ONLY. In the challenge you can pass just by selecting all li because there is no other ul. How do you select all li within a ul with a class? I've tried along these lines: document.querySelectorAll('ul.className li');

Select all elements that are descendants of a specified parent. This would select all li items, those nested inside the first ul and those inside the ul nested  Let’s say (in your example) you want the font color of the content of the 3 top li’s (so the text List Item One, Two and Three) to be red. If you use ul>li not only will the 3 li become red but also the entire ol (bullets and text Nested Item One and Two.

The children() method returns all direct children of the selected element. to return all <li> elements with the class name "first", that are direct children of <ul>. To add depth to your lists, apply a border-bottom to each li that is a shade or two darker than the li's background color.Next, apply a border-top which is a couple shades lighter.

If you have a <ul> (unordered list) and want to apply some style to all child <li> elements except for the first li. You want to do this all in pure CSS, without using  CSS Selectors Lynda.com course: CSS: Selectors. [Lynda.com help] This course covers much more than you need to know for this course (and more than most CSS authors use regularly) but the first few videos address the relevant CSS selectors. So far, we have only been able to select every instance of a particular tag in our stylesheets.

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