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I have a requirement in my codebase where I need to trim the timestamp if it has a timezone on it.

An example of a timestamp I may receive:

"2017/08/23 12:00:00 Z"or "2017/08/23 12:00:00 +05:30"

My desired output should be:

"2017/08/23 12:00:00"or "2017/08/23 12:00:00"

You could do something like this:

var d1 = "2017/08/23 12:00:00 Z"
var d2 = "2017/08/23 12:00:00 +05:30"
var d3 = "2017/08/23 12:00:00"

const getDatePart = d => d.split(' ').reduce((r,c,i) => i <= 1 ? `${r} ${c}` : r)


For decimal, string, time, date, and time stamp fields, the value can be a string. The function string_trim has been added to Modify, with the following syntax:  This example uses the LTrim function to strip leading spaces and the RTrim function to strip trailing spaces from a string variable. It uses the Trim function to strip both types of spaces. Dim MyString, TrimString MyString = " <-Trim-> " ' Initialize string. TrimString = LTrim(MyString) ' TrimString = "<-Trim-> ". TrimString = RTrim(MyString)

Use lastIndexOf method to find the last space and then substring to it.

var date = "2017/08/23 12:00:00 Z";
var date1 = "2017/08/23 12:00:00 +05:30";

console.log(date.substring(0, date.lastIndexOf(" ")));
console.log(date1.substring(0, date.lastIndexOf(" ")));

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Assuming you process one datetime at a time, you can use this regex:


It looks back to find a double quote, then matches any char zero or more times (non greedy), then it looks forward for either a 'Z' or plus [+] or minus [-].

In addition to all those variables, we have also the definitive values and the it in stamp() to obtain the result of the command date. trim() uses Lua native string  Re: How to trim timestamp from a Date value 807605 Jul 27, 2007 12:25 PM ( in response to 807605 ) Hai mark, Actually the format() of DateFormat class will return a String object, but as per our requirement the date variable should be of type java.util.Date thanks for responding

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string. DRILL HOLES FOR CUTTING OUT THE HANDLE HOLE Collecting N.Y. 11435 51 U.S. STAMPS $2.50 VALUE FREH SOUVENIR SHEET & GIFT  A string expression to be trimmed. characters. One or more characters to remove from the left and right side of expr: The default value is ' ' (a single blank space character), i.e. if no characters are specified, all leading and trailing blank spaces are removed.

Trims a specified set of characters from the beginning and end of a string. The TRIM function returns a character string identical to its source_expression argument, except that any leading or trailing pad characters, as specified by the LEADING, TRAILING, or BOTH keywords, are deleted. If no trim qualifier (LEADING, TRAILING, or BOTH) is specified, BOTH is the default.

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