Excepted int for property "maxLength" of sap fiori Input component

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Current I am trying to metadata binding xml, following this blog. When I did the maxLength of Input. But I got the following error. error screenshot

demo service

init model with destination:

initModel: function() {
    var sServiceUrl = "/odsrv/V2/Northwind/Northwind.svc/";
    var oModel = new OM(sServiceUrl, true);
    this.setModel(oModel, "oRefModel");
    sap.ui.getCore().setModel(oModel, "oRefModel");

xml view:

    <Label text="{oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@type}"/>
    <Input maxLength="{oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@maxLength}"/>

The Label for type works fine if remove Input. How to solve this problem...

<Input maxLength="{parts:[{path:'oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@maxLength'}],formatter: 'your.formatter.toNum' }" />

Formatter Code

toNum : function(maxlen){
            return parseInt(maxlen);;

Converting string to integer is the key

Realm error: Invalid Value, expecting int and receiving: 0, to uncaught exception 'Invalid value', reason: 'Expected object of type int for property 'id' on object of type 'JournalEntryLine', but received: 0'. Excepted Property. Qualified property acquired before September 28, 2017, does not include any of the following. Publication 946 - How to Depreciate Property - Claiming the Special Depreciation Allowance

Version with expression binding could be like that

<Input maxLength="{= isNaN(${oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@maxLength}) ? 0 : parseInt(${oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@maxLength})" />

typeof check is needed cause at the start of binding process value of property probably is 'NaN' and it gives an error and whole process will stop.

If you can improve that version please do :)

Get int, float, boolean and string from Properties, I have int, float, boolean and string from Properties file. Everything has loaded in Properties. Currently, I am parsing values as I know expected value for  Excepted int for property “maxLength” of sap fiori Input component typeof check is needed cause at the start of binding process value of property probably is

Even shorter and without writing a custom formatter function: Use the built-in parseInt function.

        path: 'oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@maxLength',
        formatter: 'parseInt'
    }" />

For some reasons expression binding does not work, maybe someone could tell me why:

<Input maxLength="{= parseInt(${oRefModel>/#Category/CategoryName/@maxLength}) }" />

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