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I have this in my route.ts

 path: 'profile/:id',
                component: ProfileComponent,
                canActivate: [SiteRouteGuard],
                children: [

                        path: 'albums',
                        component: AlbumsComponent,
                        canActivate: [SiteRouteGuard]


Now in my profile.ts I got this


and when I route to album.ts that is chlidren of my profile.ts


Now I'm in my album.ts how can I get the id 45666?

I tried to use ActivatedRoute:

console.log( >> undefined

You can use the ActivatedRoute class from angular/router

import { ActivatedRoute, Router } from "@angular/router"

public activatedRoute: ActivatedRoute

this.activatedRoute.parent.params // return observable

if you want the static value, then ask for

this.activatedRoute.parent.snapshot.params // return static values

By using the attribute parent, you can access to all the parameters and queries from the parent component

Access parent Route params with Angulars Router, With the router/URL being an application's “source of truth”, we need to be able to on the parent's param), is go off to my Store and fetch the appropriate Once we hit that :id , we're directed to the first child route, metadata . With the router/URL being an application’s “source of truth”, we need to be able to access parts of the URL for data purposes, such as grabbing a dynamic :id property from the URL, passing it into a service and bringing back the relevant data. Let’s look at how we can use Angular’s Observable-driven Router so get automatic updates when a parent route changes.

Since angular 5.2.x there is another way to access parent params.

All you have to do is set config option paramsInheritanceStrategy to 'always' like this:

RouterModule.forRoot(routes, {
    paramsInheritanceStrategy: 'always'

With this config, you will have access to all ancestor routes params via prototypal inheritance, so you can get it directly from activated route:


Accessing Parent And Child Route Segment Parameters In Angular , when i change sidebar category i have to get the id in my child component, and url also need to show id, is it possible?? pls advice. Ben Nadel  Ben Nadel demonstrates how to access a parent or child route segment's paramMap in Angular 4.4.4. This allows you to access route parameters outside your own local route segment.

You need to import ActivatedRoute from @angular/router:

import { ActivatedRoute } from "@angular/router";

Then in your constructor of AlbumsComponent you can grab that :id parameter like this:

let id = this.activatedRoute.parent.snapshot.params["id"]

Hope it helps!

Accessing Parent Route Params Via paramsInheritanceStrategy In , emptyOnly (the default behavior) - Only inherits parent params for the "​paramsInheritanceStrategy" property based on the current URL. This is the Primary Detail view for <strong>ID: {{ primaryDetailID }}</strong>. but, the parents do not gain insight into what parameters a child route segment is using. Ben Nadel looks at the "paramsInheritanceStrategy" configuration option of the Angular Router in Angular 6.0.7. This option, when set to "always", will allow a route segment's params object to include the params of its parents (ie, descendant route segments). This makes it trivial for a given view to access the param values of its parent view (assuming no naming collisions).

If you are using activatedRoute you can get id in ngOnInit() method. like

this.activatedRoute.params.subscribe((params: Params) => {
    var id = params['id'];

Angular 2, 2 - Router example with child routes getting parent param</title> <script '​component-two', template: ` <p>Component Two with route param <code>ID: {{ id }}  The Get-ChildItem cmdlet gets the items in one or more specified locations. If the item is a container, it gets the items inside the container, known as child items. You can use the Recurse parameter to get items in all child containers and use the Depth parameter to limit the number of levels to recurse.

Do it like this

import { ActivatedRoute } from "@angular/router";
let idparam = this.activatedRoute.parent.snapshot.params["idparam"]

Defining Child Routes, overview and specs are child routes of product-details/:id . They are only reachable Overview & Specs components get added here by the router -->. ` }) export default class Alternatively, we could specify overview route URL simply as: The child route component can access the parent route's parameters as follows:. Hello, I have facing a problem in refreshing a parent window from a child window. From child window I use [COLOR=Blue]opener.location.reload();[/COLOR] to reload the parent window and it works fine.

Router: Simplify Parent Route Parameter Access (and params in , routerState.parent(this.route).snapshot.params['id'];. Observable API to Get id Route Parameter: Inject the parent in the child component: If you don’t specify any arguments, then it is assumed that you are in The Loop and the post parent will be grabbed for from the current post. The ‘post_parent’ argument is the ID to get the children. The ‘numberposts’ is the amount of posts to retrieve that has a default of ‘-1’, which is used to get all of the posts.

Component Communication in Angular, We have to register the parameter with the URL in the router module like this: Here id is the variable initialized in that component's code and the /list is If we want to pass data from a child to a parent or a parent to a child  Since the Overview child route of product-details has an empty path, it will be loaded by default. The specs child route remains the same. View Example with child routes. View Example with route params & child routes. View examples running in full screen mode to see route changes in the URL. Accessing a Parent's Route Parameters.

Ember url params from parent route, Ember url params from parent route Today while I was working with Ember, I discovered that a child route, which had a dynamic url, needed access to the parent His solution is below and allowed me access to the parent object id As of Ember 2.10.2, I was able to get this working with the following  So to my mind, reading the definition of REST, you're requesting a child resource, passing in control data (in the form of querystring) to determine which one you want returned. As a result, you cannot make a URI request for a grandparent or parent. You want children returned so the term parent/grandparent or id should definitely not be in such a URI. Children should be.