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I am attempting to echo the name of a selected dropdown rather than its value. I understand that echoing a dropdown's value can be achieved by implementing something such as:

$variable = $_POST['vehicleStyle'];
echo $variable;

where vehicleStyle is the <select> name.

However, I am not after the value I after the option's name.

Here is my PHP. I am extracting data from a XML Document where $k equals the option name and $v equals its value.


    $xml = file_get_contents('note.xml');
    $dom = new DOMDocument();

    <form action="additionalinfo.php" method=POST>

     <select name="vehicleStyle">
      <option selected="selected">Choose style</option>
        foreach ( $dom->getElementsByTagName('style') as $styletwo )   {
          $styleid = $styletwo->getAttribute("name");
          $styleData [$styleid]= $styletwo->getAttribute("id");;
        foreach ($styleData as $k=>$v){
    <option value='<?php echo $v;?>'><?php echo $k;?> </option>

   <button class="button">Submit</button>


This outputs a dropdown containing two values: 'Audi=>292015` and 'BMW=>292016'. If I add

$variable = $_POST['vehicleStyle'];
echo $variable;

to my code, I get either 292015 or 292016 (whichever is selected). How can I echo the dropdown name, either Audi or BMW?


How about...

<option value='<?php echo $v . '|' . $k;?>'><?php echo $k;?> </option>


$variable = $_POST['vehicleStyle'];
$variable = explode('|', $variable);

echo $variable[0];  //The "value"
echo $variable[1];  //The "text"

Might make some validation more difficult but it should get you what you need.

You need to give your dropdown a name: HTML: <li> <select name="uDraft"> <​option value="Draft Offense">Draft Offense</option> <option  Hi All, I'm trying to echo out a value that was inserted into my database with a drop down box. For example, when I click 'edit' for a row, I want that value to be the value pre-selected in the

Just change the value of the option to $k instead i.e.

<option value='<?php echo $k;?>'><?php echo $k;?> </option>

Let's look at a new input: a "select" box, also known as a "drop-down" or $_​POST['formCountries']; if(!isset($aCountries)) { echo("<p>You didn't select any  T his tool will let you easily create a drop-down menu. F ill in the fields below and let this page do the javascript programming for you. T he menu supports both MSIE3+ and NS3+ browsers. A nd on top of it all: It even works with frames! U se the example below to test it for yourself!

If you only need the text and not the number, then don't include the number as the value in the option.

<option><?php echo $k;?></option>

If you don't specify a value attribute, the text will be used as the value by default.

If you need to get both the text and the value, there are various suggestions for how to do that here.

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  • I need the value to remain $v but I also want to pull the name $k
  • I need the text and the number.