How do I query multiple corresponding values from MySQL and add them together easily?

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My database table holds width measurements for a specific font file. I'm trying to query the database for Letter_Box_Width for each corresponding letter within my $word variable and add them together to get a $total_word_box_width.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to easily query for multiple corresponding values and then add these values together afterward. I'm thinking I split $word, into an array... but then I'm unclear on how to query each value within the array. Will I have to do a separate query for each array value?

$word = "CHAD";

$array_to_query = str_split($word);

My table of data:

The result of $total_word_box_width using my example "CHAD" should result in a value of 4500.

Any help is much appreciated.

Something like this should do what you want. I'm assuming you're using mysqli and you have a database connection in $conn but that should be easy enough to change to what you actually have.

$word = 'chad';
$letters = array_unique(str_split(strtoupper($word)));
$query = "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(Alpha) AS Alpha,
                 GROUP_CONCAT(Letter_Box_Width) AS Letter_Box_Width
          FROM letters 
          WHERE Alpha IN ('" . implode("','", $letters) . "')";
$result = mysqli_query($conn, $query) or die("unable to query database!");
if ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    $widths = array_combine(explode(',', $row['Alpha']), explode(',', $row['Letter_Box_Width']));
    $total_word_box_width = 0;
    foreach (str_split(strtoupper($word)) as $letter) {
        $total_word_box_width += $widths[$letter];
echo $total_word_box_width;

I've included a call to strtoupper so that it doesn't matter if your word is in upper or lower case. If in fact you have separate entries in your table for upper and lower case characters, you would remove that call in the places it occurs i.e.

$letters = array_unique(str_split($word));
    foreach (str_split($word) as $letter) {

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SELECT SUM(Letter_Box_Width) FROM <table_name> WHERE Alpha IN ("C", "H", "A", "D")

Does this not work?

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What you need is a SQL aggregate function - thankfully the SQL specification contains just the one to suit your needs.

Without knowing your exact database system, I can't be sure of the specific code, but try something like the following :

SELECT SUM(Letter_Box_Width)
FROM <your table name>
WHERE Alpha in ('C', 'H', 'A', 'D')

How you parameterise the query so you can reuse it with other letter values also depends on your platform, but the use of SUM() should solve the heart of the problem.

Combine Information from Multiple MySQL Tables with JOIN , You can use a JOIN SELECT query to combine information from more than one The combined results table produced by a join contains all the columns from both by which table contributes all its rows, requiring the second table to match it. 2) MySQL INSERT – Inserting rows using default value example. If you want to insert a default value into a column, you have two ways: Ignore both the column name and value in the INSERT statement. Specify the column name in the INSERT INTO clause and use the DEFAULT keyword in the VALUES clause. The following example demonstrates the second way:


SELECT Alpha, Letter_Box_Width FROM table WHERE Alpha IN ('C', 'H', 'A', 'D')

Then create an array with Alpha as key and calculate the Sum of Letter_Box_Width.

In this particular example, you can also calculate the SUM in MySQL:

SELECT SUM(Letter_Box_Width) FROM table WHERE Alpha IN ('C', 'H', 'A', 'D')

But this won't work if the same letter occurs more than once, like HELLO, this will count the letter 'L' only once.

In other words,

SELECT SUM(Letter_Box_Width) FROM table WHERE Alpha IN ('H', 'E', 'L', 'L', 'O')

is the same as

SELECT SUM(Letter_Box_Width) FROM table WHERE Alpha IN ('H', 'E', 'L', 'O')

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  • for the word "chad" what values are you summing?
  • Letter_Box_Width
  • select sum(Letter_Box_Width) from XXX where Alpha in ('c','h','a','d'); ///you can make the in sting with implode()
  • Hi. I'm getting a "PHP Notice: Undefined index: c " for this line.. $total_word_box_width += $widths[$letter]; This is happening for each letter.
  • If you don't have lowercase letters in the table, you need to leave the calls to strtoupper in place.
  • Do you have lowercase letters in the table?
  • Yes, I have lowercase letters, and also spaces, apostrophes, and hyphens...
  • I'm confused. With the strtoupper removed it should work. Can you tell me what's in $query and $row?