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There are several posts on this issue but none of the proposed solutions work in my case. I am trying to integrate the WatchKit into a simple, sample app (I've tried a couple now) by following the instructions provided by Apple. When I compile I get the following error message:

"error: WatchKit Extension doesn't contain any WatchKit apps. Verify that the value of WKWatchKitApp in your WatchKit App's Info.plist is set to YES."

I have successfully compiled and run the Apple Watch "Catalog" example so I know things are working from an iPhone to Watch perspective. It seems like something is not right when I try to integrate with an existing app. I have seen the posts here on this topic (e.g. WatchKit app wont run on simulator) but none of the fixes work in my case; the bundle IDs all appear to be correct. Note I am trying to compile and run on an iPhone 6 not on the simulator. Any suggestions?

This error occurred for me when I changed the bundle id of my main iOS App. This is what I did in the project explorer

  1. Under WatchApp --> plist

    WKCompanionAppBundleIdentifier ==> Give the id of the iOS App (com.xxxx.appname)

  2. Under WatchApp Extension --> plist NSExtension-->NSExtensionAttributes-->WKAppBundleIdentifier ==> Give the id of your watchkit app (eg: com.xxxx.appname.watchkitapp)

this fixed the error for me.

Creating Independent watchOS Apps, To ensure the best experience for all Apple Watch users, create an independent watchOS app that doesn't require an iOS companion. You can organize a  I had to change the compiler for extension & watch app, probably because I added Watchkit App to old project. Go to Build Settings "Compiler for C/C++/Objective-C" of extension and watch app, and make sure it's "Default Compiler".

I ran into this problem on XCode Version 10.2 (10E125), i realizes when i changed WatchkitApp Bundle identifier one key in watchkitapp extension did not changed and stayed as old bundle identifier.

the path to plist: /Users/.../YourXcodeProjectFolder/Project/YourWatchkitExtensionFolder/info.plist

the problem occurd here:


the key WKAppBundleIdentifier was made the problem, so i changed it by my self.

WatchKit App doesn't contain any WatchKit Exten |Apple , Quite abrupdedly my project stopped executing by reporting error: error: WatchKit App doesn't contain any WatchKit Extensions. Verify that the  Xcode wont run WatchKit App 2533 Views 5 Replies. Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 7:25 PM by Caleb K . Level 1 (0 points) _magnus Dec 3, 2015 3:10 AM

Main reasons to this error,

1 Incorrect watch app bundle id in watchkit extension plist file.

  1. Missing dependancy of in watchkit extension target.

Apple document with catalag example may help

Setting Up a watchOS Project, Understand the WatchKit App and WatchKit Extension. Regardless of whether you add a watchOS app to an existing project or create a new project that contains  WatchKit Simulator Won't Load App Tag: ios , xcode , watchkit Originally, I thought this was an issue of the code I was writing, but I've just downloaded four or five WatchKit projects even one from Apple.

I noticed this on Xcode version 8.2.1. Here is how I fixed it.

Go to "WatchKit App" -> Build Settings -> Packaging -> Product Name

Change it so any string different from current string. Agreed that it is a bizarre solution as called in the link below.


WatchKit Tutorial: How to Develop Apps for Apple Watch, In order to add a WatchKit app to the project, we need to create two new For this article, I won't be covering notifications and glances, so I've  In order to add a WatchKit app to the project, we need to create two new targets–a WatchKit App and a WatchKit Extension. To create the new targets, go to File > New > Target, select “Apple Watch” in the left pane, choose the “WatchKit App” template, and click Next. From here, you’ll see the options screen for the new target.

Watchkit app extension issue & solution (iOS), Error: WatchKit Extension doesn't contain any WatchKit apps. Verify that the value of WKWatchKitApp in your WatchKit App's Info.plist is set to  The WatchKit framework performs other support tasks, such as accessing device-specific information about the Apple Watch running your app, registering for remote notifications, and creating custom interfaces for local and remote notifications.

WatchKit App Development Essentials: Learn to Develop Apps for the , Learn to Develop Apps for the Apple Watch Neil Smyth. 12. WatchKit. App. and. Parent. iOS. App. Communication. Up until this point, most of the areas covered  If the app uses location services, the system will launch or wake it up in the background when a location update comes in. A watchOS app uses a background refresh task to perform work in the background. Background tasks give apps a small amount of time (on the order of seconds) to run in the background.

Developing for Apple Watch: Create Native watchOS Apps with the , Create Native watchOS Apps with the WatchKit SDK Jeff Kelley Unlike the other app extensions, the WatchKit app doesn't run on your phone. In fact, it's not​  Apple has said that full-blown, native Watch apps won’t be possible until sometime next year, and apps are currently so restricted that it’s hard to call them “apps” at all. They will

Building Apple Watch Projects, The app doesn't need every feature you intend it to have in the long run, but you do need a coherent core feature set, the so-called minimum viable product  Watchkit App won't start in notification-mode. Today I tried adding an Apple Watch app to an existing iOS application and now I can't get the notification or

  • Have you checked Watchkit App info plist key WKWatchKitApp? is that true?
  • Checked that and WKWatchKitApp is set to YES
  • Anyone who still gets the error after doing this should check out nmunjal's answer below. It solved it for me.
  • This answer still checks out as of Oct 2019. I discovered this when duplicating targets for a new bundle ID for the central app.
  • Changing the info.plist on both the extension and the app to match the identifier worked for me. I'm on 11..2.1 on xcode
  • Thanks for the link. Turns out this is a key article on configuring WatchKit apps (with lots of details, etc.). One of my sample apps now works after lots of fiddling around and a second – more complicated app – still does not work and reports the same error. But at least I have a working example now. Thanks much!
  • For crying out loud ... I've been stuck on the seemingly opposite "WatchKit App doesn't contain any WatchKit Extensions" error all day, and this fixed that, too. I added "foo" to the end of the product name, then ran the app and it worked for the first time, then removed "foo" and it still works.