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In the Oracle, I copy data from a backup to a new table, it doesn't work.

what is the correct syntax ?


from Exception_code_tmp

the error is

**SQL Error: ORA-00905: missing keyword
00905. 00000 -  "missing keyword"**

You need an INSERT ... SELECT

INSERT INTO exception_codes( code, message )
  SELECT code, message
    FROM exception_code_tmp

Copy data from one remote database to another remote database (most systems). Note: In general, the COPY command was designed to be used for copying data between Oracle and non-Oracle databases. You should use SQL commands (CREATE TABLE AS and INSERT) to copy data between Oracle databases. Copying Data from One Database to Another. Use the SQL*Plus COPY command to copy CHAR, DATE, LONG, NUMBER or VARCHAR2 data between databases and between tables on the same database. With the COPY command, you can copy data between databases in the following ways: Copy data from a remote database to your local database.

If you want to create table with data . First create the table :

create table new_table as ( select * from old_table); 

and then insert

insert into new_table ( select * from old_table);

If you want to create table without data . You can use :

create table new_table as ( select * from old_table where 1=0);

I need to copy data(13 columns) from an existing table (say table1 of 25 columns) to another existing table table2(13 columns). table1 has  Knowing how to copy existing table data is beneficial to any DBA. This tutorial will demonstrate how to copy an existing table’s data into a new table. Examples with walkthrough explanation are provided. Let’s see the syntax and example for creating a copy of old_table into new_table in oracle. Syntax: Create table new_table as select …

Creating a table and copying the data in a single command:

create table T_NEW as
  select * from T;

* This will not copy PKs, FKs, Triggers, etc.

Hi Team, I need to Copy table data From One DB to Another DB. One approach I can recollect from one of the conversation asked in is that Copying Data between Tables on One Database. You can copy data from one table to another in a single database (local or remote). To copy between tables in your local database, specify your own username and password and the service name for your local database in either a FROM or a TO clause (omit the other clause):

select CODE, MESSAGE from Exception_code_tmp

Ask the Experts yourself: Our SQL guru is waiting to answer your technical questions. Dig Deeper on Oracle and SQL. Can I copy table data with  sqlcl's copy command is ideal for things like this too. no need for a database link. SQL> help copy COPY----Non sqlplus additions are explicit BYTE options (default is CHAR i.e. varchar2(1000 CHAR)) and LOB support. Copies data from a query to a table in the same or another database. COPY supports CHAR, DATE, LONG, NUMBER, LOB and VARCHAR2.

create table xyz_new as select * from xyz where 1=0;

Some databases have syntax which allows you to make a copy of a table without pre-defining the target table using CREATE TABLE. In Oracle  INSERT INTO where_to_insert (col_1,col_2) SELECT col1, col2 FROM from_table WHERE condition; Copy all data from one table to another with the same column name. INSERT INTO where_to_insert SELECT * FROM from_table WHERE condition;

Learn how to copy table with or without data using CREATE TABLE AS oracle provides a simple way/command of creating a copy of a table either with it later but this will need two operations or two different commands to  Using sql developer select the table and click on the DDL tab You can use that code to create a new table with no data when you run it in a sql worksheet sqldeveloper is a free to use app from oracle. If the table has sequences or triggers the ddl will sometimes generate those for you too.

You can also use the Oracle CREATE TABLE AS statement to create a table from an existing table by copying the existing table's columns. Create TAble - By Copying all columns from another table table called suppliers that included all column definitions from the companies table, but no data from the companies table. Use CTAS to copy the tables, and then punch & re-add constraints and indexes using dbms_metadata. Parallelized CTAS is a faster way to copy a table. Use the SQL*Plus copy command When the schemas are within different databases then we have two approaches to copying table between schemas:

Sometimes, you want to select data from a table and insert it into another table. To do it If you want to copy all rows from the source table to the target table, you​  Some databases have syntax which allows you to make a copy of a table without pre-defining the target table using CREATE TABLE. In Oracle and Postgresql, I believe it's CREATE TABLE AS SELECT, and in Microsoft Access and SQL/Server, it's SELECT

  • superb..!! its simple and easy to use. but what if there are more columns lets say - 25-30 columns
  • @BN - You'd just list all the columns. If you know that both tables have exactly the same set of columns in exactly the same order you could do a SELECT *. That's generally not what I'd recommend for production code but it's reasonable for a one-off ad hoc.
  • The 'insert into' is redundant since the 'create table as' will create table and insert all data.
  • but aside from being redundant in this context, i just wandered here looking to insert data from one table to another, which this does. So the Answer actually gives more options than just answer for this question.
  • I came for the same reason. I have used create table as select initially to populate the records. However the source table has new records which need to be added on top of existing records in target table. This helps in that case.
  • Copies constraints on table, like not null. Thanks :)
  • Is there a way to copy PKs & FKs ?
  • @NathanGoings - sounds like a question to put on SO :)
  • doesn't seem so according to this post