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Good day to all, i've to do a query that sums some columns together.

$sqlannoprima = "SELECT fascia_prezzo,data,giorno,
   SUM (a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7,a8) as atot, 
   SUM (g1,g2,g3,g4,g5,g6,gtesi,gg) as gtot,
   SUM (f1,f2,f,3,f4) as ftot, SUM (lt1,lt2,lt3,lt4,ltg) as lttot,
   FROM giorni 
   WHERE STR_TO_DATE(giorno, '%d/%m/%Y')- INTERVAL 1 YEAR BETWEEN STR_TO_DATE('" . $d1 . "', '%d/%m/%Y')- INTERVAL 1 YEAR 
     AND STR_TO_DATE('" . $d2 . "', '%d/%m/%Y')- INTERVAL 1 YEAR 
   GROUP BY giorno 
   ORDER BY STR_TO_DATE(giorno, '%d/%m/%Y')- INTERVAL 1 YEAR";

but SQL returns an error when i try to print the results.

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\EasyPHP\data\localweb\cdm\stats.php on line 377

And this is at line 377: $risultatoannoprima = $queryannoprima->num_rows;

What am i missing? Thanks a lot

SUM() is an aggregate function, it sums rows, to sum columns use +, e.g. :

(f1 + f2 + f3 + f4)  as ftot


SUM(f1 + f2 + f3 + f4) as ftot

if you want to sum on rows and columns

How to Sum Multiple Columns with Condition, range as your need; A2:A10 refers to the range of cells that you want to apply the criteria against; F2 is the criterion that the items are to be added. Probably unlikely :) but theoretically that formula could "sum" the date columns if the corresponding amounts are the same as a serial number of a date in the relevant month! Perhaps use SUMPRODUCT and check row 1 so that only amount columns can be summed, e.g. =SUMPRODUCT(A2:G9,(TEXT(B2:H9,"mmm-yyyy")="Sep-2016")*(LEFT(A1:G1,6)="Amount

You need to remove the last , after lttot in your sql Also,you had better use (INTERVAL 1 YEAR) instead of INTERVAL 1 YEAR directly

  $sqlannoprima = "SELECT fascia_prezzo,data,giorno,
   SUM (a1 + a2 + a3 + a4 + a5 + a6 + a7 + a8) as atot, 
   SUM (g1 + g2 + g3 + g4 + g5 + g6 + gtesi + gg) as gtot,
   SUM (f1 + f2 +f3 + f4) as ftot, 
   SUM (lt1 + lt2 + lt3 + lt4 + ltg) as lttot
   FROM giorni 
   WHERE STR_TO_DATE(giorno, '%d/%m/%Y')- (INTERVAL 1 YEAR) BETWEEN STR_TO_DATE('" . $d1 . "', '%d/%m/%Y')- (INTERVAL 1 YEAR) AND STR_TO_DATE('" . $d2 . "', '%d/%m/%Y')- (INTERVAL 1 YEAR) GROUP BY giorno 
   ORDER BY (STR_TO_DATE(giorno, '%d/%m/%Y')- (INTERVAL 1 YEAR))";

Sum values based on multiple conditions - Excel, How do I sum multiple columns in Excel based on multiple criteria? When working in Excel, you can obtain a total of all values within a particular time period without sorting the data first. By combining the SumIf and DATE functions, you can narrow your search.

SELECT fascia_prezzo,data,giorno,SUM(a1) as a1,SUM(a2) as a2,SUM(a3) as a3,SUM(a4) as a4,SUM(a4) as a4,SUM(a5) as a5,SUM(a6) as a6,SUM(a7) as a7,SUM(a8) as a8,(SUM(a1) + SUM(a2) + SUM(a3) + SUM(a4) + SUM(a5) + SUM(a6) + SUM(a7) + SUM(a8)) as atot FROM giorni WHERE STR_TO_DATE(giorno, '%d/%m/%Y') BETWEEN STR_TO_DATE('" . $d1 . "', '%d/%m/%Y') AND STR_TO_DATE('" . $d2 . "', '%d/%m/%Y') GROUP BY fascia_prezzo,data,giorno ORDER BY STR_TO_DATE(giorno, '%d/%m/%Y')

How to sum two columns in a pandas DataFrame in Python, can match it. End the formula with a closing parenthesis ) and then press Enter. The result, again, is 14,719. Using the SUMIFS function to sum values between two dates In this example, we get all amounts which have the corresponding date between 1-Oct-18 and 31-Oct-18. As you can see, rows 3 (1-Oct-18), 4 (23-Oct-18) and 8 (15-Oct-18) meet both conditions, so correspondings amounts are summed ($1,000, $300, $250).

To sum multiple columns conditionally, using one criteria, you can use a formula based on the SUMPRODUCT function. In the example show, the formula in H5  Be it for budgeting, reporting, or analysis, you can easily sum data within a date range using the SUMIFS formula. SUMIFS is an extended form of SUMIF formula where you can enter multiple criteria. Syntax =SUMIFS(values to sum range, date range, >=minimum date, date range, <=minimum range) Steps. Type =SUMIFS

Sum multiple columns based on single criteria with an array formula. B2:B10, C2:C10 and D2:D10, indicate the columns that you want to sum, if you have more columns data need to sum, just add the column range as your need; A2:A10 refers to the range of cells that you want to apply the criteria against; In the example shown, cell H5 contains this formula: = SUMIFS( amount, date,">" & H5, date,"<" & H6) where date (C5:C11) and amount (D5:D11) are named ranges. This formula sums amounts in column D for dates between H5 and H6.

Sumif with multiple column in excel is not provided. To sum multiple columns on one condition, we can use SUMPRODUCT SUMIFS with dates in Excel If you need to sum values between two dates, and the date range changes frequently, you can add filter for the certain range, and then use the SUBTOTAL function to sum between the specified date range in Excel. 1. Select a blank cell, enter below formula, and press the Enter key. =SUBTOTAL(109,D3:D22)

  • SUM (a1+a2+a3+a4+a5+a6a7+a8) as atot, SUM (g1+g2+g3+g4+g5+g6+gtesi+gg) as gtot, SUM (f1 + f2 +f3 +f4) as ftot, SUM (lt1+lt2+lt3+lt4+ltg) as lttot same error
  • I did like you said but nothing changed, line 377 error
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  • Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\EasyPHP\data\localweb\cdm\stats.php on line 377 that's the error i get
  • @FrancescoElba I told you just now,add it to your original question