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I'm looking for some java library/framework.

My usecase: I need to create and alter SQL Tables at runtime. I do not want to write all SQL queries by myself.

I'm looking for some kind of controller where I can just call something like:


Later maybe something like


I hoped hibernate supports some kind of "dynamic entity management" but the solution with Dynamic Model does not work as I want it to work :)

The regular user can create object (tables) at runtime. I do not want to apply any logic to this entities. only display the fields/columns.

So there is no "business logic".

Does anyone know some library, or does anyone know how to achieve this with hibernate?


You Can Create A Method Or function . Other Wise You can Create A class And that Have A One Method That have A singlr parameter Accept And This parameter is Table Name So Youe can delete your table By Controller Other Wise You May be A choose A Series That have I Developed But Not Intially Introduce Open Source So you can Contact Me And I Give A Suggestion.....

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I am not sure weather altering data schemas within runtime is the right approach. Maybe it would be worth it to have more insights into your use case? What might be sufficient would be splitting the flexible data structure part (the one you would like to alter the data schema for) from the fixed part (e.g. searchable parts, things you would not alter like id columns) and use embedded JSON for your flexible stuff?

What is best database for the backend of Java?, This article discusses the use of a Java database framework to help protect the database from marauding developers. It provides connection pooling and management, tracking, and reporting of JDBC objects, and the ability to easily and selectively remove slow-performing structures and methods. Search for Free Sql Databases on the New

Changing schema on runtime is not possible. I had experience with the same situation and what we have done to achieve that is we used CouchDB (no SQL) to achieve our goal. In which we created, updated, delete schema on user request. Go for NoSql approach as it does not require any schema.

Hope this helps you.

At the company I work for, our original database framework was somewhat problematic, dynamically building its own SQL statements,  Best Java Frameworks 1. Spring Framework. Spring is among the most popular Java frameworks. 2. PrimeFaces. PrimeFaces is ranked among the best lightweight Java frameworks for Java developers. 3. Blade. Blade is a lightweight MVC framework that is based on the Java 8. 4. Dropwizard. Dropwizard is

Accessing an SQL database. NOTE: JDBC is a blocking operation that will cause threads to wait. You can negatively impact the performance of your Play  The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) standard is used by Java applications to access and manipulate data in relational databases. JDBC is an industry-standard application programming interface (API) developed by Sun Microsystems that lets you embed SQL statements in Java code.

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API​) for the javax.sql API Javadoc documentation; O/R Broker Scala JDBC framework; SqlTool Open source, command-line, generic JDBC client utility. JDBC-ODBC Bridge. This is used when there is no Java driver available for a database. The driver converts JDBC calls into ODBC calls or requests, which then get routed to the database. This results in performance overhead because the JDBC calls have to first go to the ODBC driver through the JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

Java provides a framework called the Java Database Connection or JDBC framework. JDBC provides a number of classes for encapsulating common objects  Windows. Install Homebrew and Java, then install Maven using steps 1.2 and 1.3 in Create Java apps using SQL Server on macOS. Install Java, the Java Development Kit, then install Maven using steps 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 in Create Java apps using SQL Server on Ubuntu.

  • Hey, yeah I know i can create a method or function to wrap up table creation. But like I wrote, i do not want to :) Creating table is not the part that's hard. I do not want to take care about the altering of tables and creating columns.