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I need to delete duplicated rows for specified Mobile Number on a mysql table. How can I do this with an Laravel query?

You could also do something like this, if you want to find duplicate values in the column 'name':


$duplicateRecords = DB::select('name')
              ->selectRaw('count(`name`) as `occurences`')
              ->having('occurences', '>', 1)

Then you need to loop through your collection and delete the items.

foreach($duplicateRecords as $record) {

How to Remove Duplicate Rows in Laravel, I have more than row with the same data but different in id (because it's unique) Remove duplicated rows how get only first row from duplicated ??? thanks FYI this will delete ALL the rows, so if you have a row 2 times, then it will delete BOTH rows, ending up with NO rows. Make sure this is exactly what you want! – Sliq May 27 '19 at 14:31

With Eloquent:

App\Model::where('mobile_number', '0123456789')->delete();

With the Query Builder:

DB::table('some_table')->where('mobile_number', '0123456789')->delete();

The above will delete all rows with mobile_number 0123456789. If you want to keep one, use this:

// Get the row you don't want to delete.
$dontDeleteThisRow = App\Model::where('mobile_number', '0123456789')->first();

// Delete all rows except the one we fetched above.
App\Model::where('mobile_number', '0123456789')->where('id', '!=', $dontDeleteThisRow->id)->delete();

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If you would like to leave every single entry and delete other duplicates.

The easiest way I found.

$same_data = DB::table('table_name')->where('mobile_number', '0000000000');

if ($same_data->count() > 1) {
    $same_data_before = clone $same_data;
    $top = $same_data->first();
    $same_data_before->where('id', '!=', $top->id)->delete();

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