remove <br> tag on ckeditor output

remove <br> tag on ckeditor output

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I have integraded a textarea box with ckeditor and each time I press enter on the backend side for a new line it outputs <br> on the front end, is there a way to remove <br> on the front end as I don't want the html tag output on the front end

I line of code looks like the following

echo "<strong>Sites Linked Out To</strong>: " . $row->sites_linked_out_to;

is there a way to remove the html <br> tag before it gets added to the database or after?

Thank you in advance

php strip tags function write in tags secondary parameter, keeping tags, other html tags clean

strip_tags($input, '<a><img><div><strong>');

more information for strip tags function

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You could call nl2br() when you insert the content.

This will replace any <br> with a new line \n

Note though; If you are actually seeing the tag its probably being url encoded somewhere. If you call nl2br() before this encoding takes place it should work.

You could also strip other undesired tags using strip_tags. Do this after replacing the new line.

define('ALLOWED_TAGS', '<p>,<strong>,<ul>,<li>,<ol>,<em>');
$sContent = strip_tags( nl2br($sContent), ALLOWED_TAGS);

Note though, this wont strip out <a href='#' onclick='DO_SOMETHING_BAD'>click me</a>

You could look at using a library such as html purifier to sanitise input. Or just ensure you sanitise all output correctly.

See nl2br() and strip_tags for more info.

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