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I am trying to show content from instagram, twitter and other libraries that allow embedding in sites. The problem that I have is that it only renders the embedded content the first time and then when I go back to the same content the embed is not rendered again. :(

This is an example of what happens to me: (I add the library js in index.html)

I am located in test-1 the embedded content renders and when I go to test-2 the embedded content does not render

What solution could be given to this problem...? :S

Is there any way to trigger the events of the javascript libraries again?

You are including Instagram's embed.js which searches for certain elements in the DOM and replaces them by iframe elements which embed the post.

The script offers a global variable called instgrm which allows access to


which repeats that search. You may call this each time your component has rendered.

I have forked your example and modified it accordingly, following two different approaches:

  1. Calling a service from the components
  2. Using a directive for elements with a data-instgrm-permalink attribute

Does not render instagram, twitter and other embedded in angular, I am trying to show content from instagram, twitter and other libraries that allow embedding in sites. The problem that I have is that it only renders the embedded​  Use the ngBindHtml directive to render the oEmbed HTML in each Tweet object. The ngBindHtml directive uses Angular’s default settings to sanitize HTML in a model. A delayed call to twttr.widgets.load () provided by widgets.js will render the embedded Tweets added to the DOM.

If you're loading content dynamically (AJAX, for example), these embed services usually have a JavaScript API method that you need to call after inserting the contents into the page in order to render the posts.

Instagram, for example, have the window.instgrm.Embeds.process(), Facebook have FB.XFBML.parse();.

You will find something similar for Twitter and other social media embeds.

Embedded Tweets, Sunsets don't get much better than this one over @GrandTetonNPS. and the Twitter for Websites JavaScript to transform that code into a fully-rendered Tweet. You can copy embedded Tweet markup generated from the Tweet menu on A Tweet may include a photo, video, or link to or other content supporting a Card. Then I found an accepted solution from this (Twitter widget on Angular 2), but the widget is not even shown from the first load and no errors so I don't even know where I was wrong. Here is the code that never shows up Twitter widget without any error:

replace <script async src="//"></script> with <script async src=""></script> and move this line of code to index.html head section

Rendering Tweets with AngularJS and Node.js, To keep the code simple and easy to follow, error handling is not included. by widgets.js will render the embedded Tweets added to the DOM. Play around with the Twitter data by binding it to different properties of the  The problem is because when Angular switches views the script tag that was originally inserted is not removed from the document. I fixed this on my own website by removing the Twitter script element whenever my Twitter timeline directive is not in the view. See the code below with comments.

The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content on Your Website, Much like the instructions for Twitter and Facebook "Embed" button will produce another box carrying a Here's what your embedded Instagram post will look like: Be careful not to paste this entire snippet more than Place this tag where you want the widget to render. Why doesn't app.component.html render? and few other articles but none is working. Also when I am creating Angular4 application angular-cli.json file is not getting created. I have tried adding the angular-cli.json file also but no luck. Can any one please help me on this? Please let me know if more inputs are required from my side.

How to use Iframely embeds with Angular, Make Angular.js work with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook embeds and the like. Angular has a common known issue of most JavaScript frameworks. need to load embed.js to your page on your own anyway, because Angular won't execute​  from another comment: ChangeDetectorRef does not really re-render it just updates data binding using the digest cycle – Eugen Bogdanovich Sep 18 '19 at 6:25 @EugenBogdanovich I got what you are saying, question was edited, and my answer was for original question.

SEO Guide to Angular: Everything You Need to Know, Rendering is the process where the scripts called in the initial HTML parse are fetched and If a site uses JavaScript, the HTML will be different from the DOM. Google does not pick images embedded with CSS styles. Self host https://t.​co/7xAiWkW7XW for less headaches. Render PDF in Edge and IE11 in an Embed. and bind it to the embed in Angular it doesn't render: or responding to other answers.