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I am working on Angular project and time to time I used to have check undefined or null over Object or it's properties. Normally I use lodash _.isUndefined() see example below:

this.selectedItem.filter(i => {
    if(_.isUndefined( {

I couldn't see any problem with it. But I had discussion with my colleague during review of above code. He was telling me that if i gets undefined before the if statement then it will throw the exception. Instead he suggested me to always check i or like this:

if(!!i && !! {

I am convinced what he was trying to say unlike his way of checking undefined in above code. But then I was thinking what is the purpose of lodash _.isUndefined?

Could anyone please let me know what is the best or clean way to do it. Because for me !!i && !! is not readable at all.

Many thanks in advance.

You can use _.isNil() to detect undefined or null. Since you're using Array.filter(), you want to return the results of !_.isNil(). Since i is supposed to be an object, you can use !_.isNil(i &&

Note: you are using Array.filter() as Array.forEach(). The callback of Array.filter() should return a boolean, and the result of the filter is a new array.

const selectedItem = [
  { id: 5 },
  { id: 7 },

const result = selectedItem.filter(i => !_.isNil(i &&;

<script src=""></script>

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Use typeof === 'undefined' to check for undefined and === null to check for null.

You could write your own helper functions to wrap any logic like what LoDash has. The condition with !!i && !! is only looking for falsy values (empty string, 0, etc), not only null or undefined.

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You could check for i and if it is not truthy or if the property is undefined or null, then do something.

if (!i || === undefined || === null) {

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Referring to a variable which has undefined as it's value won't throw any error. You get a ReferenceError for referring to variable that is not defined:

> i
Uncaught ReferenceError: i is not defined

If you pass a not-defined variable to a function a ReferenceError is thrown and the function won't be executed.

> _.isUndefined(i)
Uncaught ReferenceError: i is not defined

typeof operator should be used for safely checking whether a variable is defined or not:

> typeof i

In your code the i is defined (it's a function argument) so by referring to it you won't get any ReferenceError. The code will throw a TypeError when i is defined, has undefined value and you are treating it as an object:

> var i = undefined;
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined

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Your friend is right. When you do, _.isUndefined( you're assuming i to not to be undefined. You're assuming i is an object which will have an id property which you're checking if it is falsey or not.

What happens when itself is undefined? So you will end up which is an error. Therefore you could simply do this

if(i && {
  // You're good to go

The above will check for all falsey values, 0 and "" included. So if you want to be very specific, then you'll have to check the types of both using typeof operator.

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  • Did you look at the function typeof()… ?
  • in your angular project, are you using typescript or just javascript?
  • if(!!i && !! does a different check than _.isUndefined!!! It will check if the property is truthy, not if it's undefined. It will also catch null, 0, and "" (empty string), for example. Also, the first implicit boolean conversion !!i is superfluous.
  • @Anouar Yes I am using TS
  • I'am usually use if (!variable). Well if variable is a string and is equal to "" or is a number and is equal to 0, the condition is true
  • I have suggested that in the comments but there is this one stupid thing with NaN eg. typeof(NaN) -> returns "number"
  • @tutorialfeed thats up to your standards.
  • Yep. This is the correct answer. (I was just about to write the exact same thing)
  • Answer straight from the source :P
  • @vlaz Yeah, that's pretty official :)
  • Yes I did this check in the console but my intention was to write more clean and readable code. :)
  • Unless is zero. Or if it's an empty string. Both probably should not happen, but it might with some mock data or some synthetic records.