Does npm install exclude dev dependencies?

npm install --dev dependencies
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npm install --save
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npm install optional dependencies
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When I am in a Node.js project and run npm install, npm installs both, dependencies and dev dependencies. If I do not want to install the dev dependencies, I can run npm install --production.

Question 1: If I do not provide --production: Are the dependencies' dev dependencies installed, too, or only their actual dependencies?

Now, what if I am in a Node.js project and install a new dependency, something such as:

npm install foo

This installs foo's dependencies, of course.

Question 2: But what about its dev dependencies? Are they installed, too, or are they skipped?

When you run npm install by default both dependencies and devDependency dependencies are also installed. Because if once is going to develop a package, we would download it e.g. from git and go to root folder and run.

npm install 

so you would expect to have devDependencies to.

npm install "$package"

doesn't install the devDependencies by default. But if you really want to install development packages in that case, you can set the dev config option to true:

npm install "$package" --dev

Does npm install exclude dev dependencies?, When you run npm install by default both dependencies and devDependency dependencies are also installed. Because if once is going to  By default, npm install will install all modules listed as dependencies in package.json. With the --production flag (or when the NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production ), npm will not install modules listed in devDependencies. NOTE: The --production flag has no particular meaning when adding a

Answers to your questions:

  1. Yes dev dependencies will be installed in npm install only way it wont install dev dependencies is when NODE_ENV is set to production
  2. No dev dependencies of your external modules won't be installed see here

npm-install, ": Packages required by your application in production. " devDependencies": Packages that are only needed for local development and testing. npm dependencies and devDependencies When you install an npm package using npm install <package-name> , you are installing it as a dependency . The package is automatically listed in the package.json file, under the dependencies list (as of npm 5: before you had to manually specify --save ).

Node applications use multiple methods to maintain dependency versioning up to date but there are multiple dependency types that need to be considered. Dependencies are found in a node application's root directory within the package.json file. I will go through the different dependency types and list some defining features or characteristics:

Dependencies: These are specified in a simple object that maps a package name to a version range. The version range is a string which has one or more space-separated descriptors. Dependencies can also be identified with a tarball or git URL.

npm install from a directory that contains package.json npm install $package on any other directory dependencies are required to run Installed transitively: if A requires B, and B requires C. then C gets installed, otherwise B could not work, and neither would A. devDependencies: If someone is planning on downloading and using module in their program, then they probably don't want or need to download and build the external test or documentation framework that you use. In this case it's best to map these additional items in a devDependencies object, which is not installed when the user is installing the package unless specifically passing in --dev. These are typically installed when doing a traditional npm install from the root of the package.

npm install on a directory that contains package.json, unless the developer passes the --production flag. not installed on npm install "$package" on any other directory, unless you give it the --dev option Are not installed transitively Other Dependency types: These are less commonly used but may serve a purpose.

peerDependencies optionalDependencies

Specifying dependencies and devDependencies in a package.json file, Please do not put test harnesses or transpilers in your dependencies object. See devDependencies, below. devDependencies. If someone is  On windows for some reason when I run npm install it won't install devDependencies. AFAIK it should. If I run npm install --dev devDependencies are installed. I don't understand why npm install doesn't install devDependencies too, but installs only dependencies.

What's the difference between dependencies, devDependencies , Re-installing each time is definitely not ideal. Some people do it in CI so you're not constantly replacing node_modules, another alternative is  To skip Installation of devDepenencies pass --production flag to npm install,with the --production flag(or NODE_ENV environment variable set to production) npm will not install modules listed in devDependencies." npm install --production To make any module to be part of devDependencies pass --dev while installing. npm install packagename --save-dev

npm install | how it works, When you install an npm package using npm install <package-name> , you are installing it as a dependency. The package is automatically  Adding dependencies to a package.json file from the command line. To add dependencies and devDependencies to a package.json file from the command line, you can install them in the root directory of your package using the --save-prod flag for dependencies (the default behavior of npm install) or the --save-dev flag for devDependencies.

Use `npm install --production` to install only dependencies · Issue , How to manage package contents for Node.js microservices. This will ensure you avoid deploying test and development resources and local configuration files​. Claudia will install production dependencies only, so just make sure to install​  However, if I run npm update on that same directory, npm only updates the dependencies. It does not update the devDependencies. These operations should be consistent with each other. If npm install (no package name) installs the devDependencies, then npm update (no package name) should upgrade those devDependencies.