Get the most letters in a string PHP

Get the most letters in a string PHP

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I Need PHP Function that can get the most letters from the string

$string = "111010111010001101";
$execute = SomeFunction($string);
echo $execute;

and the ouput will be like this


is there a php function like that? Thank you

How to get the last char of a string in PHP?, How do I get the first letter of a string in PHP? Required. Specifies where to start in the string. A positive number - Start at a specified position in the string; A negative number - Start at a specified position from the end of the string; 0 - Start at the first character in string; length: Optional. Specifies the length of the returned string. Default is to the end of the string.

Not effective but simple


How to Find String Length in PHP, How can I get the last letter of a string in PHP? The substr_count() function counts the number of times a substring occurs in a string. Note: The substring is case-sensitive. Note: This function does not count overlapped substrings (see example 2). Note: This function generates a warning if the start parameter plus the length parameter is greater than the string length (see example 3).

Yes, so long as your character set isn't a multibyte one with multibyte characters in the string. See the manual page for count_chars

How to Remove Special Characters from String in PHP, and not part of the CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed). How to get first 5 characters from string using php Show first 10 letters from a string variable. 0. php Grab first three characters out of a foreach loop-2.

substr - Manual, How do I count characters in a string in PHP? Lets say you just want the first char from a part of $_POST, lets call it 'type'. And that $_POST['type'] is currently 'Control'. If in this case if you use $_POST['type'][0], or substr($_POST['type'], 0, 1)you will get C back.

count_chars - Manual, How remove all special characters from a string in PHP? Same thing for substr ("x",0,4)' or any other LENGTH parm. But if the START parm is equal to the LENGTH of the string, then you'll get an empty string (PHP 7) or FALSE (prior to PHP 7). An example of this would be 'substr ("x", 1, 1)' , which would return either an empty string or FALSE.

strlen - Manual, . The preg_replace() function performs a search with the regular expression and replaces the matches with specified replacement. In PHP, a null byte in a string does NOT count as the end of the string, and any null bytes are included in the length of the string. For example, in PHP: strlen( "te\0st" ) = 5 In C, the same call would return 2. Thus, PHP's strlen function can be used to find the number of bytes in a binary string (for example, binary data returned by base64_decode).