How do I translate VB.Net's CType() to C#

How do I translate VB.Net's CType() to C#

I Have this code segment in VB NET:

CType(pbImageHolder.Image, Bitmap).SetPixel(curPoint.X, curPoint.Y, Color.Purple)

what is appropriate code in C#?

Thank you in advance.

In VB.Net CType(object, type) casts an object to a specific type.

There are two ways to accomplish this in C#:

Bitmap image = pbImageHolder.Image as Bitmap;
image.SetPixel(curPoint.X, curPoint.Y, Color.Purple);


Bitmap image = (Bitmap)(pbImageHolder.Image);
image.SetPixel(curPoint.X, curPoint.Y, Color.Purple);

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((Bitmap)pbImageHolder.Image).SetPixel(curPoint.X, curPoint.Y, Color.Purple)

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Hi this is the code after conversion VB to C# code:

((Bitmap)pbImageHolder.Image).SetPixel(curPoint.X, curPoint.Y, Color.Purple);

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