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I've created simple code to reverse an equation, but two lines are highlighted by lint in IntelliJ IDEA. Exact message is

Call to 'substring' is redundant

final String equation = "20+3*475-2-1*4";

final int size = equation.length();
final StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(size);
int right = size;
for (int i = size - 1; i > -1; i--) {
    switch (equation.charAt(i)) {
        case '+': case '-': case '*':
            sb.append(equation.substring(i + 1, right));  // this line
            right = i;
if (right != 0) {
    sb.append(equation.substring(0, right));   // and this line

I haven't ever faced with a situation when lint highlights something without a reason. But now have no idea why these calls are redundant.

You can simplify the call to this:

sb.append(equation, i + 1, right);

This avoids an explicit intermediate string construction, allowing the implementation to copy the desired part of "equation" directly.

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That's because StringBuilder append is overlaoded with a function, that also takes start and end index like substring.

So instead of using

sb.append(equation.substring(i + 1, right)); 

you can just use

sb.append(equation, i + 1, right); 

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A String is a CharSequence, and StringBuffer has an append() method taking exactly the same arguments as substring(). You can eliminate the call to substring().

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  • The only answer mentioned that intermediate string won't be created
  • It avoids necessarily constructing an intermediate string. An implementation of StringBuilder could, if it wanted, construct a substring. Passing in the string and the indices leaves it up to the implementor to decide; doing the substring yourself takes away the opportunity to do it without the substring.
  • Checked with openjdk, re-worded anyway.