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I have a working copy for my entire repository, which contains multiple Python projects. When I choose right-click --> SVN Update in Windows File Explorer I am getting an error message listing a particular project folder:

Command: Update
Updating: path\to\working\copy
Skipped obstructing working copy: path\to\working\copy\project
Completed: At revision: 176
Warning!: One or more files are in a conflicted state.

When I go to that project and right-click --> SVN Update, it updates successfully. There is also not conflict editor available and when I right-click --> TortoiseSVN --> Resolved there are not files available.

What could be causing the conflict? As long as this keeps occurring, it is impossible to update this project in my working copy.

Skipped obstructing working copy

this means that there's a working copy folder in the way: your update wants to add a folder with name 'project', but you already have a versioned folder 'project' in your working copy. Maybe you moved that folder from another working copy? Or that folder is its own working copy (if it has the hidden .svn folders then it's an independent, separate working copy).

To resolve: move the folder out of your working copy (or just delete it). Then run update again. The update will fetch a folder with the same name again. But it might not be the same as you had - that's why I recommend that you move the folder and delete it only after checking that the updated folder is identical with the original folder.

svn, Skipped obstructing working copy. this means that there's a working copy folder in the way: your update wants to add a folder with name 'project', but you  TortoiseSVN can help find the right place to merge changes, but there may be additional work required to sort out the conflicts. Remember that after an update the working BASE will always contain the revision of each item as it was in the repository at the time of update.

You can also check the option "Delete unversioned files and folders" in the clean up menu if your svn version supports this. That definitely makes things easier instead of hunting down those folders one by one (I always found them to be non-versioned copies).

Watch out though that you're not locally forgetting to commit any valid new file additions before going through with this cleaning..!

Tree conflicts, at the folder level and occurs when the user runs an update action on a file but the file does not exist in the repository anymore because other user renamed the file, moved the file to other folder or deleted the file from repository. svn says conflict, but it is really merged (TortoiseSVN) Lately I've been seeing behavior where after an update svn shows certain files as "conflicted" but when I try to edit the conflicts, there are none (The "next conflict" and "previous conflict" buttons are disabled and if

Try right click/TortoiseSVN/clean up.

This usually works for me.

Conflict files in Sync – Sync, Once in a while, you will get a conflict when you update/merge your files from the Edit Conflicts or you can use any text editor to resolve the conflict manually. TortoiseSVN can help find the right place to merge changes, but there may be  49 TortoiseSVN reports conflict, but no conflict can be found 24 Recommend topics to be included in a Computer Science for Geospatial Technologies course 21 Listing feature classes with active domains?

I was running into the same issue but it was happening at the root of a very large branch (c:\svn\root). I work deep down (c:\svn\root\some\dir\deep\down\) in only one of the directories so Stefan's explanation of the problem and solution didn't make sense.

My workaround was to update each of the directories individually in c:\svn\root\ then to come back out and update c:\svn\root\. This worked for me. Not sure what the problem really was.

Resolving Conflicts, You may also click to browse the repository and find the desired branch. way to find out in advance whether the merge will complete without conflicts, so files to merge revision 123 the progress dialog will report “ Merging revisions 122  I struggled to resolve the conflict but failed miserably, then I decided to just remove the .svn folder and re-checkout from the repository. After that the color of the working copy folder disappeared (i.e, no green check marks at all), although I can still do svn update, svn commit, etc. I'm on Windows 7 Home.

I solved this issue without having to move files, as my obstructedsubfolders were correctly linked to the svn:

  1. Checkin all files of the folders having the Skipped obstructing working copy
  2. Now you can safely delete the obstucted folders (as we checked-in everything before)
  3. Perform an Update on the root folder

Now the whole folder is again clean and updates on the root folder work.

Merging, Viewing and Merging Differences; Editing Conflicts; Applying Patches You don'​t have to pay for it, you can use it any way you want. for the patches, bug reports and new ideas, and for helping others by answering questions for a GUI tool which could apply patch files, but all we found was that such a tool didn't exist. If you know both files are identical (but SVN is still marking them as conflict for reasons already stated), you can also use svn resolve --accept=working path/to/filename While this, in the case of identical files, is effectively the same as all other commands, SVN will not cowardly refuse to execute it.

TortoiseMerge, How do I find out what the conflict is when it is in a directory's property list? But after TortoiseSVN has been installed, you can use it without having This is a known issue with some upgrades, and in particular it has been reported for 1.6.8. Sometimes a file will be marked as conflicted in Subversion, yet when you view it using TortoiseMerge there are no conflicts shown. This may be due to the whitespace handling you have chosen. If you choose to ignore line-endings or whitespace changes, those lines will be marked using the Conflict-Ignored icon.

FAQ · TortoiseSVN, This document describes what Subversion does when it detects a conflict and In this case, Subversion would report that one or more files are in a conflicted file would be the version that Sally started with, without her or Joe's changes Subversion will delete the extra files that it created when the conflict was detected​. > Now I updated my working copy and got around 15 tree conflicts. > > I have no easy way of resolving tree conflicts from the update dialog, > which would be really nice if it was possible. > > After closing the update dialog, I choose “resolve” from the menu. > > I see “Status” is “added(+), tree conflict” which is odd, because

Resolving Subversion Conflicts, Not okay is, that a window pops up and tells me "fetching tree conflict I just found that sometimes it doesn't even get far enough to hang, but it crashes before​: if the crash happens repeatedly, can you try doing the merge with the command line client please? You should report it on the svn mailing list:. There's one trick that usually works, but it is slow and TortoiseSVN can't use that trick on-the-fly - it just would slow down the system too much. But you can trigger that trick manually by executing the 'cleanup' command on the root of your working copy.

  • Thanks @Stefan - That worked. I'm still not sure how that happened because the folder I moved and the folder that was added to the working copy when using SVN Update were exactly identical. Thanks for the help.
  • Thanks for defining it in simple English!
  • I created a working copy using "create repository here" option in a sub folder. Then I did "Check out" in parent folder. This causes me to have two working copy. I resolved it by deleting the sub folder. Thanks for this simple and working solution!!!
  • Would I do that on the working copy folder or the project folder
  • the folder you checked out to (the folder you commit)
  • I just tried clean up on both and neither worked, but thanks for the help. I always forget about clean up.
  • It still says "File List is Empty"
  • This might help out…