The layout <layout> in layout has no declaration in the base layout folder [error]

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After migrating from Eclipse to the new version of Android Studio 3.2, API 28, I am getting the following error on my app's layout:

The layout in layout has no declaration in the base layout folder; this can lead to crashes when the resource is queried in a configuration that does not match this qualifier

One of the layouts that I am getting this error is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
    android:background="@null" >

        android:orientation="vertical" >

            android:src="@drawable/loading_top" />

            android:src="@drawable/loading_bottom" />

            android:src="@drawable/loading_logo" />

            android:src="@null" />

I get the error on the first line of the first LinearLayout.

Does anyone know how to solve this error?

Thank you

UPDATE: It seems to a be an encoding issue. I had copied the xml files in the folder using Windows Explorer. After deleting the files and coping them inside Android Studio, the problem has been solved.

In my case closing and reopening Android studio solved the problem. Rebuilding the project or Invalidating the cache didn't help.

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You can also try this :

File => Invalidate Caches / Restart => Invalidate and Restart.

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In my case it was the use of capital letters in the file name. I left everything in lowercase and it was fixed.

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If you devise your layout : layout-sw320dp layout-sw480dp layout-sw600dp layout-sw720dp

you should add layout by default like thise:

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In my case i resolved that with this:

the Android say me this id-error:MissingDefaultResource as documentation say:

If a resource is only defined in folders with qualifiers like -land or -en, and there is no default declaration in the base folder (layout or values etc), then the app will crash if that resource is accessed on a device where the device is in a configuration missing the given qualifier.

As a special case, drawables do not have to be specified in the base folder; if there is a match in a density folder (such as drawable-mdpi) that image will be used and scaled. Note however that if you only specify a drawable in a folder like drawable-en-hdpi, the app will crash in non-English locales.

There may be scenarios where you have a resource, such as a -fr drawable, which is only referenced from some other resource with the same qualifiers (such as a -fr style), which itself has safe fallbacks. However, this still makes it possible for somebody to accidentally reference the drawable and crash, so it is safer to create a default dummy fallback in the base folder. Alternatively, you can suppress the issue by adding tools:ignore="MissingDefaultResource" on the element.

(This scenario frequently happens with string translations, where you might delete code and the corresponding resources, but forget to delete a translation. There is a dedicated issue id for that scenario, with the id ExtraTranslation.)

 <RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""
      tools:ignore="MissingDefaultResource" <!--this-->

But this is the easy solution, 'cause you make missing the resourse in Android.

I resolve this with file system option. If Android tell you about missing resourse meaning some thing is missing and you should replenish that.

you should be go to \app\src\main\res

maybe: right click in file's missing folder, show in Exporer,and go back to \app\src\main\res

You should be find




/some more folders

You should be find where do the files is missing. In my case that's missing in /layout

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  • @L Kemp once show me u r logcat
  • @Varma actually the app runs without error. I just can see the error once I open the xml file, but the layout of this xml file runs normally
  • fill_parent is deprecated since API 8 and replaced with match_parent ViewGroup.LayoutParams
  • @MahdiJavaheri Thank you for your advice, however, I've already known that, I am removing that deprecated code little by little.
  • Yes, it helps, but strange, that in previous versions Build > Rebuild Project helped. They crashed something.
  • Yeah maybe. But this sokution worked for me so I posted it here.
  • I added one plus to you, as your solutions works for AS 3.2 (in my case without Eclipse).
  • Something I did for a similar problem in strings.xml too, I agree with this one