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I like IDEs from JetBrains most of other IDEs. I often use IDEA and PyCharm And while I work with them, I spend much time on waiting IDEA's different tasks. So is there are any tips how to improve IDEA and PyCharm performance?

In case you have performance problems with IntelliJ IDEA, refer to the CPU snapshot and thread dump instructions.

Boosting performance of IntelliJ IDEA …and the rest of JetBrains' IDEs, If you want to improve compilation time of your projects we can put the compilation output files to RAM as well. After creating a mount point we need to set project  This can greatly improve IDEA's performance. Once you need an unloaded module again, you can load it, so it is available to IDEA. To enter Unload modules dialog, right-click a file or module in your Project View and select Load/Unload Modules

Change memory sizes in

<YOUR IDEA HOME>/bin/idea.vmoptions

or in

<YOUR IDEA HOME>/bin/idea64.vmoptions

if your IDEA is running on a 64 bit machine.

How to make intellij idea run faster?, Disable all unused plugins for example Struts 2 , Subversion Integration , UI Designer if you don't have deal with them. Also increase memory heap, for that I  It will improve your performance and the performance of the employees who report to you. Market yourself for a new mentor. Your teachers, coaches, mentors—what I call your social network in the book—have encouraged, pushed, and asked you to improve as far as you have gotten.

In my case, that IDE is too slow before.

Then, I try to do some changes...

On Setting Page : File - Settings...

On Appereance, this is my configuration :

On Plugins, try deactivate unused plugins :

On Updates, I turn off updates :

Configuring JVM options

I use 64 Bit Windows 7.

I go to : C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4\bin

Open idea64.exe.vmoptions using text editor, and change values of -Xmx and -Xms

This is my new idea64.exe.vmoptions config :


Description (Official):

-Xmx Limits the maximum memory heap size that the JVM can allocate for running IntelliJ IDEA. Default value depends on the platform. If you are experiencing slowdowns, you may want to increase this value, for example, to set the value to 2048 megabytes, change this option to -Xmx2048m.

-Xms Specifies the initial memory allocated by the JVM for running IntelliJ IDEA. Default value depends on the platform. It is usually set to about half of the maximum allowed memory (-Xmx), for example, -Xms1024m.

That is all for now.


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