I opened my app in Xcode 10 and now I have errors in 9.4.1 : SDKApplicationDelegate (FacebookCore)

use of unresolved identifier 'appeventslogger'
use of unresolved identifier 'sdkapplicationdelegate'
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I opened my app with the beta version of Xcode 10 to check if it was compatible with iOS 12, and now if I try to build my project in the stable version of Xcode I have 2 errors in the SDKApplicationDelegate (FacebookCore) :

  public func
    application(_ application: UIApplication,
                didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]? = nil) -> Bool {
    return delegate?.application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: launchOptions) ?? false

--> ''LaunchOptionsKey' is not a member type of 'UIApplication''

@available(iOS 9.0, *)
  public func application(_ app: UIApplication,
                          open url: URL,
                          options: [UIApplication.OpenURLOptionsKey: Any] = [:]) -> Bool {
    return delegate?.application(app,
                                 open: url,
                                 sourceApplication: options[.sourceApplication] as? String,
                                 annotation: options[.annotation]) ?? false

--> 'OpenURLOptionsKey' is not a member type of 'UIApplication'

I tried to update my pods but nothing changed.

Do I have to manually change these lines of code ?

Change them to UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsKey. Just remove the . (dot) in between them. It will work.

SDKApplicationDelegate Use of unresolved identifier, unresolved identifier error. I have also func application(_ app: UIApplication, open url: URL, options: [UIApplication. The error I get with this is Use of Details. Xcode Version 10.3 (10G8); Swift 5; FacebookCore (0.7.0). Solution. just replace SDKApplicationDelegate with ApplicationDelegate  We have a working app in production. I upgraded Xcode locally (from 9.4.1 to 10) and the build broke. Expected: Everything to work as before. Result: The app is stuck on the launch screen and I'm not getting any errors in the build log when I build using node. I have been trying to make it work for a few days now but nothing seems to fix it

This is xcode version problem. I got same error. While integrating Facebook kit my friend had created project in Xcode10. But i'm using Xcode 9. Simply just replaced, UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey to UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey and UIApplication.OpenURLOptionsKey to UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsKey. After clean my project, it is working fine

I have a problem installing swift SDK, Also any other method from the imported FacebookCore seems to be unknown. is now FBSDKxxxx So you are most likely using an example from FBSDK 3 with FBSDK v4 code. Well I am using Xcode 10.2.1 but I am still @swift 4.2. to your app's delegate: func application(_ application: UIApplication, open url: URL,  6 I opened my app in Xcode 10 and now I have errors in 9.4.1 : SDKApplicationDelegate (FacebookCore) Sep 27 '18 5 Swift Change height of UISlider Jan 23 '19 2 Cannot assign a value of type 'String' to type 'UIImage' Jul 20 '18

This happened to me too. I think you have to manually change the lines of code. I personally stuck to the Xcode beta because my device runs ios 12.

Some advice which I took into action after this makes a backup zip file of your project before you switch Xcode versions.

Xcode 10 Release Notes, Xcode 10 is available in the Mac App Store and includes SDKs for iOS 12, Newly created schemes now default to being shared by all users of an Xcode project. Holding the Option key when opening the Library will cause it to remain Xcode 10 can no longer build apps with deployment targets of macOS 10.4 and 10.5  6 I opened my app in Xcode 10 and now I have errors in 9.4.1 : SDKApplicationDelegate (FacebookCore) Sep 26 '18 5 Shadow on CardView within ConstraintLayout not showing Oct 10 '17 3 Move snackbar above the bottom bar May 17 '19

Xcode 11 - Xcode, Xcode includes everything you need to create amazing apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Swift 5 is now built right into all Apple platforms and the binary interface for The new minimap sidebar shows a birds-eye view of the open file, including​  I think it's pretty likely that Xcode 10 will ship alongside macOS 10.14 towards the end of September—hopefully we can get an official solution by then. I've yet to get this library built with Xcode 10 (it started with that Carthage archive issue). I'm currently running Xcode 10 beta 6 on macOS 10.13.6.

Incorrect integration instructions in website documentation for , Checklist I've updated to the latest released version of the SDK I've searched It is now read-only. instructions in website documentation for FacebookCore 0.7.​0 #463 Xcode Version: 10.2.1; Swift Version: 5.0; Installation Platform Bool { return SDKApplicationDelegate.shared.application(app, open:  Open Xcode and select a connected iPhone; Launch/debug the app and open the Xcode console; A couple of notes: Device is iPhone X on iOS 12.0 beta (16A5366a) Building the app using Xcode 10.0 beta 2 (10L177m) beta, while react-native run-ios builds using Xcode 9.4.1; macOS is running 10.14 Beta (18A377a) 👍

Xcode, License · Freeware with open-source components. Website, developer.apple.​com/xcode/. Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) for macOS containing a suite of The main application of the suite is the integrated development environment (IDE), The final version of Xcode for Mac OS X v10.4 was 2.5. Note that the grpc fix is now available at the v1.13.0-pre1 tag, so you no longer have to target master to pull it in. I still wouldn't recommend this for production use but it's definitely coming. I still wouldn't recommend this for production use but it's definitely coming.