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I want to alert an option when the mouse-cursor is over it. I use this code:

$("select > option").hover(function ()

Unfortunately, this is neither working in IE nor in FF.

Can someone give me a hint please?

You can try this.

$("select").hover(function (e)
     var $target = $(e.target); 
         alert($target.attr("id"));//Will alert id if it has id attribute
         alert($target.text());//Will alert the text of the option
         alert($target.val());//Will alert the value of the option

Trying to change select option text on hover, How about the datalist type ? <input list="ID1">. <datalist id="ID1">. <option value​="  Next I wanted to add a JQuery script which would load a short description of each item into a div for each of the <option> items inside the <select> when you hover your mouse over it. Sort of like a tooltip, but it would show up inside of the page. Initially I tried to do it the logical way, by invoking the hover method on the <option> element.

If you make a "listbox" type select box by adding a "size=x" attribute like this:

<select size="3">

The hover event will work on the option elements:

     //code here

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jQuery hover() Method, Example. Change the background color of a <p> element when the mouse pointer hovers over it: $("p").hover(function(){ $(this).css("background-color", "​yellow"); I have a fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/MbJCy/ I want to change the text size on a hover, but I dont think I have the correct selector What am I doing

Selectmenu, Selectmenu. Duplicates and extends the functionality of a native HTML select element to overcome the limitations of the native control. Examples. Default  <option value="5" title="TEST 5">BURRO</option> </select> But when I hover an option of the drop-down list [say BILLY] it did not display in a separate text the title [for BILLY it will be TEST 3].