How to get the result for this condition?

Suppose, We have two tables:- Branch and User


BranchCode  |  BranchName  | IsActive  |
   1        |    aaa       |   0       |
   2        |    bbb       |    1      |
   3        |    ccc       |     0     |


UserId   |  Name  |
  333     |  jjjj |
  444      |  kkkk|

We want to select result as

2 - 333
2 - 444

that means, we take the branchcode for those who has isactive = 1

I am facing problem to retrieve the resultset as the table has no relation, is there a way to get the result as expected?


SELECT b.branchcode, u.UserId   
     (SELECT UserId FROM User u) u
WHERE b.IsActive = 1;

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SELECT CONCAT(b.branchcode,' - ', u.UserId) MemberId FROM User u,brach b WHERE b.IsActive = 1;

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You might use RIGHT OUTER JOIN as :

select concat(b.branchcode,'-',u.userid) as MemberId
  from branch b
 right outer join "user" u
    on b.isactive = 1;

2 - 333
2 - 444

p.s. user is a reserved keyword in MSSQL, so I've used table "user" instead.

SQL Fiddle Demo

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  • What happens if two branches are active and one is inactive?
  • I'm not seeing any clear relation between the Branch and User tables.
  • There is no relation so what you want is not possible.
  • @simo - The answer below proves you wrong. For the exact example dataset shown, a filter on branch and a CROSS JOIN on user is sufficient. That works fine because only one row from branch is active. What's unclear is what is meant to happen if two branches are active, or if that's even possible.
  • declare @branchcode as int; select top 1 @branchcode = branchcode from Branch where IsActive = 1; select cast(@branchcode as varchar(100)) + '-' + Name from User