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I have Job in Jenkins that sends an email after the build with a HTML report in its body using email-ext plugin by setting Default content to this :


I want to add to this (my body mail ) the URL of the build of this job. How is that possible ?

$BUILD_URL is the easiest way to do it, just add it in your Body mail and it will show the hyperlink of your latest build.

hudson - Get URL of Job in mail body in Jenkins, However, this is the Jenkins URL that will appear in the links in emails sent from Note that there is an Advanced button to the right that you need to click to get to dynamically modify the contents of an email notification's subject and body. plugin requires some global configuration before being used in Pipeline jobs. You will be redirected to the ‘Manage Jenkins’ page, where you need to select the ‘Manage Plugin’ option. 3. Click the ‘Available’ tab present at the top of the ‘Manage Plugin’ page. 4. Start typing ‘Notification’ in the ‘Filter’ field displayed at the top-right side of the ‘Manage Plugin’ page.

Small update to this question:

First of all, you need to set Jenkins URL in your system configuration to access such URLs:

Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Jenkins Location -> Jenkins URL

It set to http://localhost:8080/ by default (if you accepted this during initial start of Jenkins)

Optionally specify the HTTP address of the Jenkins installation, such as http://yourhost.yourdomain/jenkins/. This value is used to let Jenkins know how to refer to itself, ie. to display images or to create links in emails.

This is necessary because Jenkins cannot reliably detect such a URL from within itself.

Then you can access the build or job URLs via BUILD_URL or JOB_URL environment variables in your Groovy pipeline script.

For example:

println env.BUILD_URL
println env.JOB_URL

You also can find more such environment variables for your Jenkins instance on this page: http://localhost:8080/env-vars.html/ (replace localhost:8080 with your Jenkins URL)

4. Notifications and Reports, Issue. How do I email a html report generated in a job build (located in workspace) in an email notification? I also want to ensure that the html report is embedded in the email body. Same here. did You find solution for that. Cassandra (note: workspace is pwd for jenkins and lists the location). 3. Call the  On your Jenkins home page, click Manage Jenkins. The click on “Go to plugin manager” button. Select the “Available” tag and using the “Filter” search box, search for “ Poll Mailbox Trigger Plugin ” , select it and choose “Install without restart”. The plugin will now be available for use.

${PROJECT_URL} in the body of email will be resolved to a hyperlink to your job.

How to embed html report in email body using Email-ext plugin , Default Content - Same as Default Subject, but for the email body instead of the the build this message belongs to (may be used with FreeStyle or Pipeline jobs) rooturl: The Jenkins instance root URL, useful for links. out: A PrintStream that Jelly scripts are powerful in that you can hook into the Jenkins API itself to get  Basically it executes a request to a URL with the build parameters. The request is made as a job execution in Jenkins and depending of the HTTP response the job could be marked as failed (configurable). For example, responses such as 404 and 500 could make the job fail. When a job fails it will log the response to help identify the problem.

Kindly Specified in the Default content under editable email configuration in Jenkins

//build_url is fetched the URL of Build //allure/ its append with URL for Allure reporting browser URL


Email Extension, Default Content - Same as Default Subject, but for the email body instead of the subject. build this message belongs to (may be used with FreeStyle or Pipeline jobs) rooturl: The Jenkins instance root URL, useful for links. out: A PrintStream that You get object of other plugin actions by querying build actions like: ${it. Install Email-ext plugin at plug-in install page of Jenkins. Configure System. “Jenkins Location” section. Enter valid email address to “System Admin e-mail address” “Extended E-mail Notification” section. Enter your email address to “Default Recipients” “E-mail Notification” section. Enter your SMTP server name to “SMTP

Email-ext plugin - Jenkins, There are Jenkins plugins for Slack, HipChat, or even email among others. The next logical choice is to get notifications when a job succeeds. I'll copy emailext ( subject: subject, body: details, recipientProviders: [[$class:  However, having Jenkins inject environment variables into a build job is a good way to learn about some of the underpinnings of the tool. It's definitely not a bad idea to have an intimate knowledge of the various entries in the Jenkins environment variables list, which is the focus of this continuous integration tutorial.

Sending Notifications in Pipeline, Open Jenkins using the following URL: http://localhost:8080/ on any browser. Click the 'Build now' link and check the email id after the job  I can send them as attachment via this plug in, but I wish to add the content as mail content. Option 1: Somehow add content of ReleaseNotes.txt to my mail. Option 2: Set new environmental variable from and add them to mail. Esther one of the options will satisfy me, can you please help me with one of them?

How to Configure Email Notification in Jenkins?, If you find, install it. If you don't find it Go to home of jenkins and create a new job. emailext body: 'A Test EMail', recipientProviders: [[$class:  I want to send email after post build action in jenkins. Hence I have write jenkinsfile as follows. But I need some groovy script for 1. Attachment for zip file 2. Before attaching the file , I nee