How can I tell if jsTree has fully loaded?

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I am trying to write a function that opens specific nodes on a jsTree but I am having a problem where the function is executed before my base tree is loaded from the ajax call. How can I tell if my jstree data has been loaded and wait until it is done loading. Below is the function I am trying to use.

function openNodes(tree, nodes) {
    for (i in nodes) {
        $('#navigation').jstree("open_node", $(nodes[i]));

I am loading my initial tree with the following command

    "json_data": {
        "ajax": {
            "url": function(node) {
                var url;
                if (node == -1) {
                    url = "@Url.Action("BaseTreeItems", "Part")";
                } else {
                    url = node.attr('ajax');
                return url;
            "dataType": "text json",
            "contentType": "application/json charset=utf-8",
            "data": function(n) { return { id: n.attr ? n.attr("id") : 0, ajax: n.attr ? n.attr("ajax") : 0 }; },
            "success": function() {
    "themes": { "theme": "classic" },
    "plugins": ["themes", "json_data", "ui"]

I used setInterval and clearInterval:

var interval_id = setInterval(function(){
     // $("li#"+id).length will be zero until the node is loaded
     if($("li#"+id).length != 0){
         // "exit" the interval loop with clearInterval command
         // since the node is loaded, now we can open it without an error
         $("#tree").jstree("open_node", $("li#"+id))
}, 5);

JStree's ".loaded" callback only works for root nodes; "._is_loaded" may work instead of checking the node's length, but I haven't tried it. Either way, the animation settings cause nodes that are deeper in the tree to be loaded a few milliseconds later. The setInterval command creates a timed loop that exits when your desired node(s) is loaded.

Events, jsTree is easily extendable, themable and configurable, it supports HTML & JSON be loaded as an AMD module, and has a built in mobile theme for responsive design, You can review the list of all events to know what to listen for. If you get an ID string somewhere and want to inspect the node just use .​get_node(). Ben. Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. 5. answers. 2. questions ~4k. people reached. 3 How can I tell if jsTree has fully loaded?

Before you call .jstree() on an element, you can bind your callbacks to before.jstree and loaded.jstree events:

.bind('before.jstree', function(e, data) {
    // invoked before jstree starts loading
.bind('loaded.jstree', function(e, data) {
    // invoked after jstree has loaded
    $(this).jstree("open_node", $(nodes[i]));
.jstree( ... )

ready.jstree called after only root nodes loaded · Issue #1074 , I init jstree in angular when resived data. tree is array of data But the DOM has nothing to do with jstree loading the nodes and Actually what i'm doing is , dynamically opening nodes and going to check specific leaf nodes. I have very huge data to be displayed in JSTree. I have around 200 000 nodes to be displayed. I provided search functionality to user. Upon search I am clearing previous instance of jstree and creating new instance with required data. On Loaded event which is fired when "Root" node is loaded I am calling open_all() method to open all nodes, I

In the more recent versions of jstree, you may need to wait until all the nodes have finished loading before interacting with them. To do this you need:



    .bind('ready.jstree', function(e, data) {
        // invoked after jstree has loaded

.on('loaded.jstree', fun) didn't work when manually calling ajax to , 'loaded.jstree' has been called only at the very first time (which is loading the page) . Then if I manually call ajax to refrash : $('#jstree_demo_div2').jstree(true).​refresh();. the data So I need to know the ids of seleted nodes. It is very odd that you have the root key ('#') as part of your massload - this plugin can only kick in after the root is loaded so actually '#' will never be part of the requested IDs. The response should only contain the IDs that jstree needs, not other IDs.

You had better call $.ajax() function to get data you want at first, you can call $().jstree() function in the success: field like bellow my code.

    var fullTree;
  url :"./php/select_tree.php",
  data : fullTree,
  method : "GET",
  dataType : "json",
  success : function(fullTree){
      "core" : {
        "data" :fullTree,
        "check_callback" : true
       "plugins" : [ "contextmenu", "dnd", "changed", "wholerow" ]

How can we know if a jstree has nodes or not?, I would like to know how i can get the count of nodes from jstree - without .com/​questions/11452205/how-can-i-tell-if-jstree-has-fully-loaded. You set that jsTree data type is json and will be loaded via ajax. To load the jsTree the data needs to be loaded first. What you can go is trigger the data load on opening the node. Will it solve your question? – Radek Jul 12 '12 at 22:45

I use refresh.jstree event in my case (I need to dynamically change and refresh the nodes in jstree very often).

According to the docoment, it

triggered when a refresh call completes

jsTree Doc (Events)

Sample code:

$.post( [url], ... ).done(function(){ $jstree.jstree() = result; $jstree.jstree().refresh(); }); $(selector).on('refresh.jstree', function(){ // do something });

How can I tell if jsTree has fully loaded?, How can I tell if my jstree data has been loaded and wait until it is done loading. Below is the function I am trying to use. function openNodes(tree, nodes) { for (i  Very often, other software is set to load at boot time & may delay one's use of the computer until it has fully loaded. Examples are antivirus, antispyware, aol, skype, control panel applets, Windows update, manufacturer's software, etc.

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jstree: Docs, Tutorials, Alternatives, If you check with jQuery, it is supposed to be a string or an object. This special value indicated to jstree, that it has to lazy load the “Child node 1” node. 14 How can I tell if jsTree has fully loaded? 12 Rails 3 Nested Model Form, 2 levels deep using accepts_nested_attributes_for 12 How to Change Heroku-Postgresql DB password

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