Failed to Start kony application

I just installed Kony Studio . I am trying to run the HelloWorld app on the Android emulator, always gives me this error:

rm failed for /sdcard/profiler_com.kony.HelloWorld.txt, Read-only file system
Installing kony application
353 KB/s (3438511 bytes in 9.504s) pkg: /data/local/tmp/luavmandroid.apk
rm failed for -f, Read-only file system
Starting kony application
Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cmp=com.kony.HelloWorld/.Hello
World }
Error type 3
Error: Activity class {com.kony.HelloWorld/com.kony.HelloWorld.HelloWorld} does
not exist

I have tried creating a new project, but didn't work.

It is because INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK, You should set the minimum Android SDK API lower that your device in the project properties > Native > Android > SDK versions > Minimum

FAQs and Troubleshooting, Restart the application server. Issue. The upgrade installation is rolling back with Validate failed from Workaround. Before Upgrade, execute below SQL  Failed to Start kony application. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Kony - Failed to publish Application for 'Services' 1.

Just put SDK versions of android in project properties. Min android version : 2.3 and max android version : 4.4. Also while creating avd add sd card memory as 216MB.

App failed to start after integrating FFI to Kony Visualizer, The FFI class extended KonyApplication instead of Application. Modified tag entries by adding this snippet (the android:name of my Kony was  After How Many Failed Attempts: Select the number of attempts user can have to login to the application. User cannot login after exceeding the number of login attempts. User cannot login after exceeding the number of login attempts.

Failed in starting and building on Kony 8.2, We failed in building Android app on Kony 8.2 and even cannot open it, loading for Will it block Kony Visualizer initializing and building? Ensure that all the prerequisites for building an application are met before following the procedure mentioned below. Important: When you build older versions of any application (built on Kony Studio versions 2.6 and earlier), the latest version of Kony Studio changes the names of ifdef platform statements to the new names (with your confirmation).

If you want to extend support to older version android OS, you need to set the

Project Settings -> Native Tab -> Android -> SDK versions -> Minimum: to lower version


Hope this helps.

Failed to Start kony application - kony, I just installed Kony Studio . I am trying to run the HelloWorld app on the Android emulator, always gives me this error: Failure rm failed for  Before integrating the services, the first step is to initialize the Kony MobileFabric client in the application to authenticate your application against Kony MobileFabric. Initialization and Login client = new kony.sdk(); //Creating MBaaS client instance The first step is to create a Kony MobileFabric client instance.

This means that you're trying to install an app that has a higher minSdkVersion specified in its manifest than the device's API level.

Please change "Minimum SDK version" in your application settings to lower version that your device OS version.

You can do this by navigating project properties -> Native -> Android. Change here.

Minimum SDK version when you create a project is defaulted to 2.3 in Kony 6+. I wonder which device is that :)

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Setting up Visualizer Enterprise, Download the Visualizer app code from the download location. Start Kony Visualizer Enterprise. On the File menu, click Import. Kony Studio build should not be failed with visual studio installation which are independent. Please confirm if you are building application using IDE or using command line build etc. Please check and also share your androidbuild.xml and build.xml to check the errors mentioned in the respective lines.

[PDF] Deconstructing Kony Android Applications, All paths in the App more or less call KonyMain bytecode format, or being run in the Android shared object Start your python… many lines of failure later. Microsoft Office 2016 applications may crash or cannot start. The applications that have been seen to be affected are Excel, Outlook, Skype for Business, Word, Access, Publisher, Project and OneNote. Additionally, in the Application Event log, you may find a crash signature similar to the following in event ID 1000:

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  • Give some value to SD card memory in emulator in AVD and try once