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How do a query like:

SELECT agenda_id, data, count(*) FROM marcacoes group by data, agenda_id

I try $agendas = Marcacao::select(['data', 'agenda_id'])->groupBy('data', 'agenda_id')->count(); but the result is only the field count. The fields data and agenda_id is not showing.

You have to use a raw statement:

Marcacao::select('data', 'agenda_id', DB::raw('count(*)'))
    ->groupBy('data', 'agenda_id')

eloquent count() does not work well with groupBy() · Issue #22883 , Eloquent count() completely ignores what is in select and just adds the number of different "groups", which would be count(distinct field) Above query is easily generated by laravel eloquent functions and get() at the end. Eloquent count() completely ignores what is in select and just adds count(*) as aggregate into select part. If get() method generates this query :. select sellers.* from sellers left join locations on locations.seller_id = group by

your request gives you just the number of agendas because you use count method.

if you want agandas data you request should be like this :

$agendas = Marcacao::select(['data', 'agenda_id'])->groupBy('data', 'agenda_id')->get();.

then when you want to get the number of your $agenda, you should just count $agandas collection like this :

$numberOfAgandas = $agandas->count();

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Because you call the count method this will return just one value and int precisely which is the number of element that correspond to your MacMarcacao::select(['data', 'agenda_id'])->groupBy('data', 'agenda_id') you will not get all other fields because the count method return a value not a Collection like you are expecting.

You must firstly retrieve your record and after that you can count the method cound

$agendas = MacMarcacao::select(['data', 'agenda_id'])->groupBy('data', 'agenda_id')->get()

After that you can count number of records in your $agendas which is a an object of type Illuminate\Support\Collection

$numberOfAgendas = $agendas->count();

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