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I have over 1000 files in a folder with names like abc_1, abc_2 ... abc_n

I want to delete this prefix 'abc_' from all the files. Any chance to not doing this manually because there are over 1000, and it will be a pain.

How can do this with c# ?

You can try with this code

DirectoryInfo d = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\DirectoryToAccess");
FileInfo[] infos = d.GetFiles();
foreach(FileInfo f in infos)
    File.Move(f.FullName, f.FullName.Replace("abc_",""));

C# rename all files in a folder, Order files on LastWriteTime and then move. foreach (var file in d.GetFiles().​OrderBy(f => f.LastWriteTime)) { Directory.Move(file.FullName  How To Rename A File In C#. // Source file to be renamed. string sourceFile = @ "C:\Temp\MaheshChand.jpg" ; // Create a FileInfo. System.IO.FileInfo fi = new System.IO.FileInfo(sourceFile); // Check if file is there. if (fi.Exists) // Move file with a new name. Hence renamed. fi.MoveTo(@

You can use File.Move and String.Substring(index):

var prefix = "abc_";
var rootDir = @"C:\Temp";
var fileNames = Directory.EnumerateFiles(rootDir, prefix + "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories);
foreach(String path in fileNames)
    var dir = Path.GetDirectoryName(path);
    var fileName = Path.GetFileName(path);
    var newPath = Path.Combine(dir, fileName.Substring(prefix.Length));
    File.Move(path, newPath);

Note: Directory.EnumerateFiles(rootDir, prefix + "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories); will search also subfolders from your root directory. If this is not intended use SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly.

C# File.Move Method, Rename File, C# File.Move Method, Rename File. Rename a file with the File.Move method from the Tip: To solve this problem, you can check the target path with the File. The Rename function renames a file and moves it to a different directory, if it is required. The Rename function can move a file across drives, but it can only rename an existing directory when both NewPath and OldPath are located on the same drive. Rename cannot create a new file or directory.

You can enumerate the file.

using System.IO;

string[] filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(@"c:\MyDir\");

Then, ForEach the string[] and create a new instance of the IO.File object.

Once you get a handle on a File, just call the Move method and pass in String.Replace("abc_", String.Empty).

I said Move because there is no direct Rename method in IO.File.

File.Move(oldFileName, newFileName);

Be mindful of the extension.

How do I rename a file with C# with a pure C# .NET rename , In C#, you rename a file by using the System.IO.File.Move method. If the containing folder for the source and destination files is the same, the  There is no separate method for renaming the files and folders in c#. But we can achieve this by using Move method which is in File and Directory class. Note: Please add System.IO namespace.

You should have a look at the DirectoryInfo class and GetFiles() Method. And have a look at the File class which provides the Move() Method.

File.Move(oldFileName, newFileName);

Basics Operations of File and Directory in C#, There is no such method called Rename() so we are using the Move() method to rename a directory. Moving and renaming are the same operations in C#. In C#, you rename a file by using the System.IO.File.Move method. If the containing folder for the source and destination files is the same, the file will not be moved, but renamed instead (i.e., there will not be any copy of the file, only the filename will be changed).

Following code will work, not tested though,

 public class FileNameFixer
        public FileNameFixer()
            StringToRemove = "_";
            StringReplacement = "";

        public void FixAll(string directory)
            IEnumerable<string> files = Directory.EnumerateFiles(directory);
            foreach (string file in files)
                    FileInfo info = new FileInfo(file);
                    if (!info.IsReadOnly && !info.Attributes.HasFlag(FileAttributes.System))
                        string destFileName = GetNewFile(file);
                catch (Exception ex)

        private string GetNewFile(string file)
            string nameWithoutExtension = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(file);
            if (nameWithoutExtension != null && nameWithoutExtension.Length > 1)
                return Path.Combine(Path.GetDirectoryName(file),
                    file.Replace(StringToRemove, StringReplacement) + Path.GetExtension(file));
            return file;

        public string StringToRemove { get; set; }

        public string StringReplacement { get; set; }

you can use this class as,

  FileNameFixer fixer=new FileNameFixer();
        fixer.StringReplacement = String.Empty;
        fixer.StringToRemove = "@@";

FileSystem.RenameFile(String, String) Method, Renames a file. C# Copy. public static void RenameFile (string file, string newName); newName contains path information or ends with a backslash (\). Change " C:\Test.txt " to the path and file name of the file that you want to rename. There is no difference between moving and renaming; you should simply call Directory.Move. For more advice when working with files and directories, see here. As mentioned by SLaks, this is just a wrapper for Directory.Move and File.Move. Browse other questions tagged c# file-io directory rename or ask your own question.

Rename File and Folder in C#, ASP.Net, There is no separate method for renaming the files and folders in c#. But we can achieve this by using Move method which is in File and  where when destFileName has the same name as another file in that directory (but with a different extension, e.g. renaming RandomFile.txt to FileA.txt when there's a file in the same directory named FileA.json), but it still triggers an IOException (also just to be clear I don't want to replace the file that shares the same name but with a

11.3. Renaming a File - C# Cookbook [Book], 11.3. Renaming a File Problem You need to rename a file. Solution With all of the bells and whistles hanging off of the .NET Framework, you would figure that  The method that renames files is called File.Move. You must include the System.IO namespace at the top with a using directive or specify the fully qualified name "System.IO.File.Move". String Literal

Rename File and Folder in C#, ASP.Net, There is no separate Rename method for renaming a file and a folder. It can be achieved by Move method packed with File and Directory class. Accept Solution Reject Solution Remember you can only rename the folder, if you have the access rights. "movie" is the name of the folder and exist in D drive and is renamed to movies or anything you desire. try the below code

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