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how would one go about finding the minimum value in an array of 100 floats in python? I have tried minindex=darr.argmin() and print darr[minindex] with import numpy (darr is the name of the array)

but i get: minindex=darr.argmin()

AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'argmin'

what might be the problem? is there a better alternative?

thanks in advance

Python has a min() built-in function:

>>> darr = [1, 3.14159, 1e100, -2.71828]
>>> min(darr)

find a minimum value in an array of floats, Python has a min() built-in function: >>> darr = [1, 3.14159, 1e100, -2.71828] >>> min(darr) -2.71828. i have a for loop that detects the position of every game object in a list and gets the difference between that object and an object anchored in the center and then stores all values in a float array. what should happen next is find the minimum distance in that array and make that object (the object with the smallest distance) move towards the

If you want to use numpy, you must define darr to be a numpy array, not a list:

import numpy as np
darr = np.array([1, 3.14159, 1e100, -2.71828])

darr.argmin() will give you the index corresponding to the minimum.

The reason you were getting an error is because argmin is a method understood by numpy arrays, but not by Python lists.

min() \ Language (API) \ Processing 3+, Description, Determines the smallest value in a sequence of numbers, two or three float or int values as parameters, or an array of any length. Find index of minimum value : Get the array of indices of minimum value in numpy array using numpy.where() i.e. Output: In numpy.where() when we pass the condition expression only then it returns a tuple of arrays (one for each axis) containing the indices of element that satisfies the given condition.

You need to iterate the 2d array in order to get the min value of each row, then you have to push any gotten min value to another array and finally you need to get the min value of the array where each min row value was pushed

def get_min_value(self, table):
    min_values = []
    for i in range(0, len(table)):
        min_value = min(table[i])

    return min(min_values)

Returns the minimum value in a float-value array. : Array Sort Search , Returns the minimum value in a float-value array. IllegalArgumentException if <​code>array</code> is empty * @see IEEE754rUtils#min(float[]) IEEE754rUtils  C program to find minimum or the smallest element in an array. It also prints the location or index at which the minimum element occurs in the array. Our algorithm assumes the first element as minimum and then compare it with other elements if an element is smaller than it then it becomes the new minimum, and this process is repeated till complete array is scanned.

How to get all array float values then do Mathf.Min?, Min can already accept an array of floats and return the smallest one of the array. I don't know where your array comes from so I'll just give you  The recommended solution is to use std::minmax_element to find smallest and largest elements in array. It returns a pair of iterators with the first value pointing to the minimum element and the second value pointing to the maximum element. It is defined in the <algorithm> header.

Find the minimum value from an array associated with another array , Elements of both the arrays are associated with each other i.e. value of B[i] is linked to A[i] for all valid values of i. The task is to find the value min(a + b, c). Maximum Value is: 120 Minimum Value is: 2. Sorting char array in Java example. Sort an Array in Descending (Reverse) Order – Java. @Override annotation in Java. Random shuffling of an array in Java. Sorting double array in Java example.

Maximum and minimum of an array using minimum number of , Pair MaxMin(array, array_size) if array_size = 1 return element as both max and min else if arry_size = 2 one comparison to determine max and min return that  Minimum values, returned as a scalar, vector, matrix, or multidimensional array. size(M,dim) is 1, while the sizes of all other dimensions match the size of the corresponding dimension in A, unless size(A,dim) is 0. If size(A,dim) is 0, then M is an empty array with the same size as A.