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I'm trying to run a mysql select statement where it looks at today's date and only returns results that signed up on that current day. I've currently tried the following, but it doesn't seem to work.

SELECT, DATE_FORMAT(users.signup_date, '%Y-%m-%d') 
    FROM users 
    WHERE users.signup_date = CURDATE()

I've modified my SELECT statement to this, thanks guys.

SELECT id FROM users WHERE DATE(signup_date) = CURDATE()

SELECT, DATE_FORMAT(users.signup_date, '%Y-%m-%d') 
FROM users 
WHERE DATE(signup_date) = CURDATE()

MySQL select datetime field where date equals today, You have to strip the time part of booked_at because 2015-08-05 09:10:56 is not equal to 2015-08-05 . Try this: select date(booked_at) from  Here is the query to select date equal to today and display the records for the same date − mysql> select UserId,UserName,DateOfSignIn,DATE_FORMAT(DateOfSignIn, '%Y-%m-%d') from GmailSignIn −> where date(DateOfSignIn) = curdate(); The following is the output −

This query will use index if you have it for signup_date field

SELECT, DATE_FORMAT(users.signup_date, '%Y-%m-%d') 
    FROM users 
    WHERE signup_date >= CURDATE() && signup_date < (CURDATE() + INTERVAL 1 DAY)

MySQL Select Date Equal to Today and return results for the same , To get today's date, use in-built function CURDATE(). The CURDATE() gives only current date not time. With that, to get the records for the  I am working on a project that has rows in the database that contains a date. I want to echo the data for the fields that have a date that is equal or greater to today.

Sounds like you need to add the formatting to the WHERE:

SELECT, DATE_FORMAT(users.signup_date, '%Y-%m-%d') 
FROM users 
WHERE DATE_FORMAT(users.signup_date, '%Y-%m-%d') = CURDATE()

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

How to Get MySQL Today's Date, Getting MySQL today's date using built-in date functions. Sometimes SELECT column_list FROM table_name WHERE expired_date = today;. To get today's  For more information about MySQL Date and Time functions on the official MySQL site. Posted on February 18, 2010 May 28, 2012 Author bandertron Categories Tutorials 18 thoughts on “MySQL – SELECT * FROM table WHERE date = TODAY”

MySQL Current Date, Need to figure out how to make a MYSQL query that will pull out all records WHERE DATE = TODAY? Here is the answer :) MySQL Where date is greater than one month? Datetime equal or greater than today in MySQL. But this does not work for me. QUERY(FOR PHP): SELECT `name`,`date` FROM `tasks` WHERE `tasks`.`datum` >= DATE(NOW()) OR (FOR PhpMyAdmin) SELECT `name`,`date` FROM `tasks` WHERE `tasks`.`datum` >= 2014-05-18 15-00-00; Please help me to write the working

SQL Server GETDATE() Function Explained By Practical Examples, How do I get the current date in SQL query? If the expired_date column contains both date and time part, you should use the DATE() function to extract only the date part and compare it with current date: SELECT column_list FROM table_name WHERE DATE (expired_date) = CURDATE (); Creating your MySQL today stored function

Get current date in SQL - Querychat, How can I compare current date and date in SQL? Definition and Usage. The CURDATE() function returns the current date. Note: The date is returned as "YYYY-MM-DD" (string) or as YYYYMMDD (numeric). Note: This function equals the CURRENT_DATE() function.

  • it seems that signup_date is datetime field
  • @Serjio Yes, it currently is a datetime field.
  • what is the datatype of signup_date if it contains the time, then you will want to use the date_format in the WHERE clause to strip the time to match the CURDATE()
  • @bluefeet thanks, I've modified my script. It seems to work, but when there are no results. mysql_num_rows doesn't display 0. Just a blank.
  • is it necessary to use DATE() even the field is type Date ?
  • @rashidnk No. Although he didn't say clearly in the question, the field is apparently of type DATETIME.
  • While this solution is absolutely correct, it does not scale well (cannot use an index on signup_date, even if such an index exists). Prefer Serjio's solution.
  • or if to find on a particular date, with the index also being utilised ``` SELECT, DATE_FORMAT(users.signup_date, '%Y-%m-%d') FROM users where signup_date >= '2017-08-30 00:00:00' and signup_date <= '2017-08-30 23:59:59' ; ```
  • @SumitMAsok Better to use < '2017-08-31 00:00:00' in case you're using a version of MySQL with milliseconds.
  • Downvotes to this answer are absurd. This is in fact the prefered approach, because this query would be able to leverage an index on signup_date, unlike other approaches.
  • @RandomSeed The general idea of testing for signup_date between two times is correct, but the times are not. It should be between 00:00 and 23:59:59 on the current date.
  • Well the date interval was wrong too >.< The downvotes were not that absurd after all.