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I have a modal with ngFor and img tags in it. After a few cycles, img tags shows broken images. The problem is not the url, because if i invert the array of urls, the problem is always with the latest emojis.

This is my code:

<div class="emoji" *ngFor="let emoji of emojis; trackBy: index;" (click)="add_msg(emoji)">
    <img src="{{ emoji }}">

What's the problem?

I am suspecting trackBy: index. Can you remove it and see the result?

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I think CSS may cause an issue.

Try modifying the class used in the div tag i.e. emoji by altering/providing the dimensions for the image like height, width and padding.

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It seems that the images do not exist?

You can try this?

<div class="emoji" *ngFor="let emoji of emojis; trackBy: index;" (click)="add_msg(emoji)">
    <img [src]="emoji">

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  • Can you post the content of emojis ?
  • The content of emojis are all the pngs of Twemoji. If i invert the array of all emojis, the problem is always with the latest emojis.
  • When you serve your ionic project in browser, do you get any errors ? What src do you get if you inspect the last emojis src ?
  • When i serve my ionic project in browser i get no errors. Src of the last emoji is: localhost:8100/assets/imgs/emoji/1f1ff-1f1fc.png and it's correct.
  • (Broken images are only on Android. iOS works as expected)
  • Nothing’s change
  • then check that your images really exist and you can access them with the URL, because there is no reason why it does not work..
  • Sorry but i’ve already say that the URL is not the problem. Now i found a workaround: if i use infinite scroll there are no problems.