error message Missing required dependencies, import error: Missing required dependencies ['numpy' ] when I try and freeze an executable

pycharm importerror: missing required dependencies ['numpy']
importerror missing required dependencies 'numpy' visual studio code
missing required dependencies 'numpy' lambda
attributeerror: module 'numpy' has no attribute '__version__'
numpy: dll load failed: the specified module could not be found.
missing required dependencies anaconda
xlwings missing dependencies
pandas dependencies

I'm trying to make an executable program using python 3.6 and the only software I have found that can do this is cx_Freeze. However I am having the problem every time I run "python build" in CMD I get an error when trying to open my application.

Missing required dependencies, import error: Missing required dependencies ['numpy' ] when I try and freeze an executable.

Here is my

import cx_Freeze
from cx_Freeze import setup
from cx_Freeze import Executable
import sys
import matplotlib
import pandas

import os

import os.path
PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.__file__))
os.environ['TCL_LIBRARY'] = os.path.join(PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR, 'tcl', 'tcl8.6')
os.environ['TK_LIBRARY'] = os.path.join(PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR, 'tcl', 'tk8.6')

base = None

if sys.platform == 'win32':
    base = "Win32GUI"

executables = [cx_Freeze.Executable("",icon = 'RomacLogo.ico', base=base)]

build_exe_options = {"packages": ["numpy"]}

    name = "DAGM",
    options = {"build.exe":{"packages":["tkinter", "matplotlib",'numpy', "numpy.lib.format", "pandas", "glob"], "include_files":["RomacLogo.ico"]}},
    version = "0.01",
    description = "Data Transfer and Analysis Application",
    executables = executables

Are there any other freeze programs I could use to make an executable besides cx_freeze??

Any help would be much appreciated!

Find the numpy submodule named _methods in Lib/site-packages/numpy/core/ copy and paste it to build/exe.win64-3.6/numpy/core/.

Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] on pandas 0.24.1 · Issue , Code Sample with obtained output import pandas as pd Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] on pandas 0.24.1 #25316 17 if missing_dependencies​: 18 raise ImportError( ---> 19 "Missing required dependencies  Looks like you might be running on a Mac and perhaps using the default system python. For whatever reason you don't have a complete installation. you have pandas but not numpy.

RESOLVED-KINDA... I created a virtual environment in python 3.5.0 and was able to run py-installer for python 3.5. Couldn't get cx_Freeze to work the numpy dependencies still kept being a problem.

conda env: ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy , conda env: ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] #205. Open anthony-tuininga added minor bug labels on Jan 21, 2017. import pandas as pd File "C:\Users\user\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\", line 17, in "Unable to import required dependencies: " + " ".join(missing_dependencies) ImportError: Unable to import required dependencies: numpy: IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THIS FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE! Importing the numpy c-extensions failed.

Here's my which I can confirm works for CX_freeze for an app with tkinter, pandas & numpy. Numpy definitely seems to be a tough one to crack.

import sys
from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable
import os

build_exe_options = {"include_files": ["tcl86t.dll", "tk86t.dll"], "packages": ["numpy"]} 

base = None  
if sys.platform == "win32":  
    base = "Win32GUI"  

os.environ['TCL_LIBRARY'] = r'C:\Users\lyu\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\tcl\tcl8.6'
os.environ['TK_LIBRARY'] = r'C:\Users\lyu\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\tcl\tk8.6'

      name = "Fun Fun Fun",
      version = "1.0",
      description = "Fun Fun Fun",
      options = {"build_exe": build_exe_options},
      executables = [Executable("", base = base)],
      package_dir={'': ''},

ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'], I was getting crazy about the exact same thing. My script was working fine in Spyder AND in CONDA prompt BUT NOT in a standard  Hello, I try to execute by calling from php working on remote server. PHP is running on the XAMPP. [My Environment] [localhost] XAMMP version : XAMPP for Windows 5.6.24 PHP version : PHP 5.6.24 (cli) Apache version: Apache

Python Pandas, I've had this error when I try to import packages on anaconda : ImportError: Missing required get : Any help is really appreciated thanks! "Missing required dependencies {0}".format(missing_dependencies)) ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] This happens even when I enter no Python code, and the code runs fine in an IDE.

Python Pandas, to fail "import pandas as pd" with error message pandas Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] Working with pandas 0.19.0 and using idp. (intelpython3_core pandas) and adding the "intelpython3_core" and "pandas" packages; intelpython3_core includes python itself, numpy, mkl, tbb, and their dependencies. Once that environment is created, you "source activate intelpython3" to use the new environment. More information can be found through our product page in the FAQs.

Pandas: ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy , I am getting the same error on windows 7 now. I pretty much cannot use pycharm now. 0. Avatar. 27 September 2018 How to work out the missing dependencies for a Python package. When you install a compiled Python wheel, whether it’s from PyPI or piwheels, it will likely depend on some shared libraries, specifically certain .so files (shared object files) in order to be used.