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I referred to multiple articles to solve my problem but no luck. I'm trying curl inside if; as the value comparison is an arithmetic operation, I'm using the > operator with ((.

However, the command is failing with error

bash: ((: > 0: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "> 0")

Here is my command:

if (( $(curl --max-time 10 $serviceName) > 0)); then echo ERROR ; fi

What is wrong in the command?

Thanks P.P

if ! curl --max-time 10 serviceName; then echo ERROR ; fi

worked for me!!

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I use this:

curl --max-time 10 "$someURL" || echo ERROR

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This should work:

if (curl --maxtime 10 $servicename); then
   echo "Error";

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  • What does the curl command actually output? Seems like it's not producing anything, which means the command reduces to if (( > 0 )); then. You need something for the left-hand operand to >.
  • If you are trying to check whether curl failed (rather than its output), then if ! curl ....; then echo ERROR: fi is what you want.