Error ACL in GCS Folders when are created in uploading files proccess

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When I create a folder in a Google Cloud Storage bucket in web UI I can set and get the ACL of this folder.

gsutil acl ch -u gs://testbucket/my-folder/
gsutil acl get gs://testbucket/my-folder/

When the folder is created from the terminal (Linux or Mac OS) I cannot get or set the ACL of the folder, it always returns:

CommandException: No URLs matched

Also, it happens with Python API.

Do you have any suggestion on how to work with the folders created from the local OS?

This might be due to, according to this documentation, by using the Cloud Console and creating a folder, an object that ends with a "/" character is created, since files that ends with such caracter are not allowed on Linux and MacOS. Additionally, you could find more information on how Cloud Storage subdirectories works in this document

If you consider this is not working as expected, I suggest opening a public issue tracker explaining this behavior to be properly attended.

acl, gsutil acl set [-f] [-r] [-a] file-or-canned_acl_name url gsutil acl get url gsutil acl ch Note that multi-threading/multi-processing is only done when the named URLs in a single command run; all changes will be made atomically to each object in turn. ID READ access to all objects in example-bucket that begin with folder/:. The "acl get" command gets the ACL text for a bucket or object, which you can save and edit for the acl set command. The "acl set" command allows you to set an Access Control List on one or more buckets and objects. The simplest way to use it is to specify one of the canned ACLs, e.g.,: gsutil acl set private gs://bucket.

You should first check and see if an object with the name folder/ actually exists in your bucket. Run these Bash commands, which will do a "flat" prefixed listing of your bucket (i.e. won't attempt to use / as a delimiter to split path components, which uses prefixes to give the illusion of real directories):

$ BUCKET=my-bucket-name-here
$ gsutil ls gs://${BUCKET}/my-folder** | grep "gs://${BUCKET}/my-folder/\$"

If your output contains one line, that "my-folder/" object exists. If the output is empty, then the error you were given is correct, and you can run that command without the pipe-to-grep portion to see which objects actually do exist with the prefix "my-folder" in your bucket.

Assuming that object does exist, the commands you've linked above should work (at least, they work for me on version 4.34 of gsutil). If you're using an older version of gsutil, try updating and giving it another shot.

Error ACL in GCS Folders when are created in uploading files , This might be due to, according to this documentation, by using the Cloud Console and creating a folder, an object that ends with a "/" character  This will add ReadAndExecute permissions for domain\user to all files, folders, and subfolders under c:\temp. It will set inheritance on those folders for that account as well (Container Inherit and Object Inherit). . PARAMETER Path: Path of the file or folder to change permissions on. PARAMETER User "Domain\Username" of the account to add

The issue was with the encode characters. From OS the white space character is translated to '\xa0' representation. If the folder is created from web UI the white space character in the terminal is ' '.

Use gsutil to Perform Operations on Buckets and Objects, gsutil Commands under gsutil Tool. What you'll learn. How to create a bucket; How to copy files from a local folder to a bucket using default and  Beginning in Windows PowerShell 3.0, you can use the InputObject parameter of Get-Acl to get the security descriptor of objects that do not have a path. Examples. Example 1- Get an ACL for a folder. This example gets the security descriptor of the C:\Windows directory. Get-Acl C:\Windows. Example 2 - Get an ACL for a folder using wildcards

Integrate with Google Cloud Platform, You can use the Google Cloud Storage APIs to access files uploaded via Google Cloud Platform offers high-quality server SDKs for a number of GCP Upload a local file to a new file to be created in your bucket. gsutil -m acl ch -r -​u gs://<your-cloud-storage-​bucket>  2 Answers 2. In S3, there is no such thing as folders, only buckets and keys. Keys that share a common prefix are grouped together in the console for your convenience but under the hood, the structure is completely flat. As a result, there is no way to set the ACL for a folder.

storage, go: Index | Examples | Files | Directories To create a bucket in Google Cloud Storage, call Create on the handle: ACL().List(​ctx) if err != nil { // TODO: Handle error. } for _, rule := range acls { fmt. A type of signed request that allows uploads through HTML forms directly to Cloud Storage with  If you are unable to get to this folder, then contact your Network Administrator to fix this issue. Only then can your ASP.NET application access the share. Create a file called CreateUNCFile.aspx with the code below and save the file in your application directory.

Error : Not Found google cloud storage · Issue #2573 · googleapis , thats my function to upload a file the file is a 34 mb .dem protobuf file at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:138:11) at process. I created it manually from the google cloud console. var bucket = storage.bucket​('my-bucket-name') var file = bucket.file('my-folder-name/my-file-name')  4. Create a new bucket. All uploaded files must be stored in a bucket. That's why you need to create at least one bucket. Open Google Cloud Storage Console. Then, click Create Bucket and type the name of the bucket you want to create. After you have done all the steps above, now this is the coding time.