Type 'Subscription' is not assignable to type 'Observable<SearchResult[]>' Angular 5 using HttpClient instead of Http

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I'm trying to use the new HttpClient class instead of the old Http.

I want to map over the data I get from the subscribe method, but get the below error. Any suggestions on why I get this?


export class YoutubeSearchService {
    private http: HttpClient,
    @Inject(YOUTUBE_API_KEY) private apiKey: string,
    @Inject(YOUTUBE_API_URL) private apiUrl: string,
  ) { }

  search(query: string): Observable<SearchResult[]> {
    const params: string = [
    const queryUrl = `${this.apiUrl}?${params}`;
    return this.http.get(queryUrl).subscribe(data => {
      data.map(item => {
        return new SearchResult({
          id: item.id.videoId,
          title: item.snippet.title,
          description: item.snippet.description,
          thumbnailUrl: item.snippet.thumbnails.high.url,


ERROR in src/app/services/youtube-search.service.ts(26,5): error TS2322: Type 'Subscription' is not assignable to type 'Observable<SearchResult[]>'.
  Property '_isScalar' is missing in type 'Subscription'.
src/app/services/youtube-search.service.ts(27,12): error TS2339: Property 'map' doesnot exist on type 'Object'.

Your search method is returning a subscription but the signature claims it should return an Observable<SearchResult[]>

To fix this either change the signature of your method or change the subscribe to map

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To return the Observable, use:

return this.http.get(queryUrl);

and do the subscription on the calling end. If you need to map your return object from the Http call to a different object. Then one solution would be to define a subject and inside your subscription, you perform a next operation on this subject.

As for the second error, you are getting for using map function. You can use return this.http.get(queryUrl); to make the compiler view it as a an array instead of a single object. I am not sure that this what you wanted to achieve or not.

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easily , you don't use for return value.


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  • I can't do map with httpClient. Or? Read blog.angular.io/… under HttpClient
  • You have to remove the map to json because the new HttpClient created a json object for you. So you can perfectly use a map if you want to change the returned object, or just remove it.
  • I get Property 'map' does not exist on type 'Observable<Object>'.
  • import 'rxjs/add/operator/map'
  • Hi @Venomy, Fixed it: jsfiddle.net/2w8xsqdo/2 now this error: file: 'file:///Users/isaklafleur/Google%20Drive/Isak/Coding/angular-youtube-search/src/app/services/youtube-search.service.ts' severity: 'Error' message: 'Type 'Observable<SearchResult>' is not assignable to type 'Observable<SearchResult[]>'. Type 'SearchResult' is not assignable to type 'SearchResult[]'. Property 'includes' is missing in type 'SearchResult'.' at: '28,5' source: 'ts' code: '2322'