Imported function is undefined in React

javascript import undefined
webpack import undefined
component is undefined react
imported module undefined
react function returning undefined
import function
node import as
es6 import * as

In file1.js:

const doSomething = () => {

export { doSomething }; //simplified, not using export default due to multiple exports

In file2.jsx:

import { doSomething } from './file1.js';

doSomething(); //undefined 

Been trying to solve this for a while now. Trying to import this method from one class and add it as an onClick for a component, but it's always undefined. Help would be appreciated

edit1: fixed import in simplified code

You can try this. import file1.js in file2.js like this

import * as demo from './file1.js';

and call your function like this


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The problem is you are calling the functions which will not return anything.

if you do console.log(doSomething()), you will get logs like this.

yay //you called a functions its executed
undefined // you called a function which will not return anything

first log is from doSomething file1.js file.

second log is from file2.jsx

Imported objects and functions are undefined · Issue #7249 , Imported objects and functions are undefined #7249 16.8.6 react-scripts: ^3.0.1 => 3.0.1 npmGlobalPackages: create-react-app: Not Found. react example - TypeError: __WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_4_react_onsenui___default.a is undefined #2149 ulf1 opened this issue Aug 18, 2017 · 2 comments Comments


export const doSomething = () => {


import { doSomething } from './file1.js';


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Module Methods, Named exports export var Count = 5; export function Multiply(a, b) { return a * b; } The ES2015 Loader spec defines import() as method to load ES2015 modules require.cache[]; require.cache[] === undefined; require('. (SSR + Code Splitting), as used in packages such as react-universal-component. Hooks are functions that let you “hook into” React features from function components. Their names always start with use, and there are more Hooks we haven’t seen yet. Now let’s continue by learning the next Hook: useEffect. It lets you perform side effects in components, and is similar to lifecycle methods in classes.

  • explain in detail with code
  • @VaibhavS The code that's already been posted looks like a complete repro of the problem to me. What do you think is missing?
  • The code provided is just a simplified version of the actual code. There is a function in one file, I wish to export that function and call it in another file.
  • I'm not sure what's the cause of your problem in the code you posted. See this example: Is that different than what you're trying to achieve?
  • Nope, that's pretty much the same. The function I'm trying to export just isn't getting exported (console logging what was imported shows 2 out of 3 exported functions, the missing one being the one I want)
  • This got me a little further. Looks like my method isn't actually being exported. Doing a console.log(demo) returns the 2 other functions I'm exporting, but not the desired one.
  • try this export const doSomething = () => { console.log('yay'); };
  • The import path is correct, that's just a mistake in my simplified repro. Mb
  • just now i notice you trying import into jsx file. maybe it's different
  • While this code may answer the question, providing additional context regarding how and/or why it solves the problem would improve the answer's long-term value.