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I have an EditText and I need the text in it (when user types in) to be started with capital letter.

Be careful if you add both android:capitalize="sentences" and android:inputType="text", as the latter seems to have priority over the first and the input will not be capitalized.

There's a specific inputType for automatically capitalizing the first letter:



First letter capitalization for EditText, I have an EditText and I need the text in it (when user types in) to be started with capital letter. Be careful if you add both android:capitalize="sentences" and  How to create EditText which accepts capital and smaller alphabet letters and change the only first character into capital. In this tutorial we are creating a edittext which can accept lower case letters and automatically converts and display[ inside edittext ] the only first letter of word in capital form.

The options for android:capitalize are

android:capitalize="none", which won't automatically capitalize anything.

android:capitalize="sentences", Which will capitalize the first word of each sentence.

android:capitalize="words", Which Will Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.

android:capitalize="characters", WHICH WILL CAPITALIZE EVERY CHARACTER.

Apparently it has been changed to inputType instead of capitalize

How to force EditText to start text with capital letter?, android - EditText first letter capitalization android:inputType The type of data being placed in a text field, used to help an input Of course, this only affects languages where there are upper-case and lower-case letters. If you want whatever the user types to be uppercase you could implement a TextWatcher and use the EditText addTextChangedListener to add it, an on the onTextChange method take the user input and replace it with the same text in uppercase. editText.addTextChangedListener(upperCaseTextWatcher); final TextWatcher upperCaseTextWatcher = new



as using only "textPersonName" is not enough so name's first letters would be capitalized.

Similarly with postal addresses:


EditText first letter capitalization, How to convert EditText text to all uppercase in Android AllCaps This filter will capitalize all the lower case letters that are added through edits  I have an edittext and I want any character that I type in edittext show in Capital letter. I have used this: edittext.setInputType(InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_CAP_CHARACTERS); But it is not working. I want to do it dynamically. Any ideas.

Add this in your XML


android:inputType="textCapSentences" will work for sentences. However, I needed to capitalize every word in a full name field.

How to convert EditText text to all uppercase in Android, By default, any text contents within an EditText control is displayed as plain text. textCapSentences, Normal text keyboard that capitalizes the first letter for and so most developers use InputMethodManager to force Android to hide the virtual EditText hides the hint message (explained above) after the user starts typing. Jump to solution. You can achieve this by using custom css. please look at below step. Add custom CSS into Form Settings. Click on Settings button on form designer. Expand Custom CSS. add new style like this: .transformToCapital {text-transform: capitalize;}.

Try this way,

testEditText.setInputType(InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT | InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_CAP_WORDS);

or android:inputType="textCapSentences" will only work If your device keyboard Auto Capitalize Setting enabled.

EditText, If you want to capitalise the first letter of every word in a EditText, assign android:​inputType=”textCapWords” to EditText. Example:  Title case is where each word in a sentence or string starts with a capital letter. The capitalize value causes a string to render in title case, or at least each word starts with a capital letter. If a letter in the formatted text is uppercase it will not lower case the letter to make proper title case.

Android How to Capitalize Every First letter of a Word in EditText , How to restrict the EditText to accept only alphanumeric characters. // Apply the filters to control How to enforce EditText to start text in capital letter? edittext. To apply small capital (Small Caps) to your text, select the text, and then on the Home tab, in the Font group, click the arrow in the lower-right corner. In the Font dialog box, under Effects, select the Small Caps check box. To undo the case change, press CTRL+ Z.

android.text.InputFilter$AllCaps.<init> java code examples, in a editText to start with the first letter in uppercase and then low it =) EditText test = new EditText (context); test.InputType = Android.Text. A Magic Number is a hard-coded value that may change at a later stage, but that can be therefore hard to update. For example, let's say you have a Page that displays the last 50 Orders in a "Your Orders" Overview Page. 50 is the Magic Number here, because it's not set through standard or convention, it's a number that you made up for reasons outlined in the spec.

How to make the first letter typed on a editText to be uppercase , In android if we want to type uppercase letters on edittext, there is one button public void beforeTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int count , int after) {. }. if you are using axml layout, go to the design view, click on the edittext, go to properties and in the "inputType" set it to "TextCapCharacters" - if you want all chars to be upper-cased or otherwise.