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I dont know is that duplicate or not,but i not found same(maybe i not found because it got hard title)

So,i have a this string:

string a = "(Hello(World),World(Hello))";

And i need to remove a first Bracket,and last Bracket. And get that output:


I not need to remove first char and last. I need to remove first specific char(bracket) and last specific char(close bracket).

That says,if string is be:

string a = "gyfw(Hello(World),World(Hello))";

Output is be: gyfw Hello(World),World(Hello)

To remove first specific char:

a = a.Remove(a.IndexOf("("), 1);

To remove last specific char:

a = a.Remove(a.LastIndexOf(")"), 1);

Removing first and last character from a string in JavaScript, To remove the first and last character from a string, we need to specify the two arguments in slice method which are startIndex and endIndex . Remove text before the last specific character (such as space, comma) If you need to remove all the texts before the last specific character, and only leave the substrings after the last specific character, the RIGHT, LEN, SEARCH and SUSTITUTE function may do you a favor.

Use the String.Substring() method to remove specific character.

So, if your string is stored in a variable myval:

myval = myval.Substring(1, myval.Length - 1);

How to Remove First and Last Character of String in , Using substring() to remove first and last character​​ The first version will create substring starting from the beginIndex and include all subsequent characters. So, if you want to remove the first character of String, just create a substring from the second character. If you want to remove the last character from the text string in Cell B1, you can use the LEN function to combine with the LEFT function to create an excel formula. You can use the LEFT function to extract the left-most number of characters, and the length of the characters that you want to extract is returned by the formula LEN(B1)-1.

In a balanced way, it can be done with this regex

Find @"\(((?>[^()]+|\((?<Depth>)|\)(?<-Depth>))*(?(Depth)(?!)))\)" Replace @"$1"

If it is required to have inner parens change the * to a +. If it is required that it should only match once and span the string, add ^ and $ to beginning / end respectively to the regex.

Here is the regex explained

 \(                            #  Match ( a open parenth
 (                             # (1 start), Capture the core, to be written back

      (?>                           # Then either match (possessively):

           [^()]+                        # Any character except parenths
        |                              # or
           \(                            # Open (  increase the paren counter
           (?<Depth> )
        |                              # or
           \)                            # Close )  decrease the paren counter
           (?<-Depth> )
      )*                            # Repeat as needed.
      (?(Depth)                     # Assert that the paren counter is at zero.

 )                             # (1 end)
 \)                            # Match ) a closing parenth 

Remove the first and last character of each word in a string , Given the string the task is to remove the first and last character of each word in a string. Examples: Input: Geeks for geeks Output: eek o eek Input: Geeksforgeeks​  Method 1: Remove first or last x characters from text strings with formulas Remove first x characters from the beginning of the text strings: In Excel, you can use the RIGHT and LEFT functions to remove the certain number of characters from the beginning or the end of the strings, please do as this:

Removing the First and Last Characters of a String, When using a String, we may need to remove certain characters, so let's look at how we can Duration: 3:21 Posted: Jan 1, 2018 Remove first and last character from a string in SQL Server. Now we remove the first and last character from a string. Suppose you have the string Rohatash. The output should be ohatas. 1. Using the SQL Left and Right Functions. Declare @name as varchar(30)='Rohatash'. Declare @n varchar(40) =left(@name, len(@name)-1)

Removing A Character From The Start/End of a String In Javascript, Remove the first character and last character. What if you wanted to remove a character from the beginning of a string as well as from the end at the same time? A simple regular expression of “.$” will match the last character in a string. The dollar sign means match from the end of the string, and a period (or dot) means any single character. Therefore, the following command will replace the last character with nothing, and effectively remove the last letter of the string:

How to remove first and last characters from text string in Excel , If you want to remove unwanted or specified characters from a text string, you can create an excel formula based on the SUBSTITUTE function  The C# String.Remove method can be used to remove last characters from a string in C#. The String.Remove method in C# creates and returns a new string after removing a number of characters from an existing string. C# String.Remove() method has two overloaded forms: Remove(Int32) - Returns

  • See here: a = a.Substring(1, a.Length - 2);
  • We know the bracket is the last one, so a.Substring(0, a.Length - 1) will remove the last one. For the second part, a simple google search yielded:…
  • quanik,Nope,i not need to remove first and last char,like (hello) to hello. I need to remove first bracket and last bracket,like a(hi); to a hi ;
  • FrankerZ,okay that ok to Replace First Bracket.Can explan how to remove last?
  • i will try,wait
  • that works,but only removes first bracket. Last bracket is still not removed
  • @Qrai The first line removes the first occurrence of an opening bracket, the second line removes the last occurrence of a closing bracket. If that's not what you wanted, try to adjust the removed chars to your needs.
  • I dont understand your answer. I need to remove a first BRACKET,not just char. And LAST BRACKET in string,not just last char.
  • Easy way to your answer is: myval.Replace(@"(", string.Empty);
  • Did you get this answer
  • that will remove all BRACKETS! i need to remove the one first and last
  • Store your string into variable and then remove your brackets and then use it in your code. So, I think that will be appropriate. Try for this once
  • Im so nub to Regex Can u show code with find and replace functions Regex.Find ? Regex.Replace ?
  • @Qrai - Since you've been a member for 8 months, I'm sure you know that SO is not a code writing service. So, sorry, no code for you. I can give you a link to C# overview where you can navigate to code examples.