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In a form which needs to have a image button which markup is better: To create a <input type="image"> and add the image as source, or create a button element and add the image as a background with CSS?

Until now I have used button with background-image as rarely seen <input type="image"> used . <button> is more friendly with mobile devices. But now I am thinking what if the image is deleted accidentally from the server? The button with the background-image would not be visible, but the input type image can uses the value as a fallback if the image is deleted.

The HTML5 spec's Image Button State documentation is a bit vague:

The input element represents either an image from which a user can select a coordinate and submit the form, or alternatively a button from which the user can submit the form.

I think the intended use of the type=image input element is for selecting co-ordinates on an image, however I guess over time this was misused and is now accepted as just an input element with an image background. However in both cases it does state that the intended purpose of this button is to submit a form.

So in short:

  1. If it isn't supposed to either submit a form or select co-ordinates on the image, use a <button> element;
  2. If it's intended effect is to allow a user to select co-ordinates on the image, use the <input> element;
  3. If it's intended effect is to submit a form, use either - this is a personal preference thing (I'd use a <button>, myself).

html - input type image vs button with background-image, The background property can then be set to include a background image and change the image type as required. The border of the button can also be removed  <input> elements of type image are used to create graphical submit buttons, i.e. submit buttons that take the form of an image rather than text. The source for this interactive example is stored in a GitHub repository.

Creating a button and adding a background to it will give you more flexibility in styling it

<input type="image">, You can use any box styles to style a button. In the example, I set the background to a horizontally tiled gradient image that is lighter at the top and darker at the  In HTML, <input type="button" /> is used to create buttons in an HTML form. Inside the <button> tag, you can place content like text or images. Inside the <button> tag, you can place content like text or images.

You should try button with background. here is an example.


How to change an input button image using CSS?, You can create buttons using the input or button tag. #ffff00; } Usage <input type="submit" value="Send" /> How do I add a background image to a button? You can use the background property to add a background image to a button. button  The <input type="image"> defines an image as a submit button. The path to the image is specified in the src attribute.

Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns, The image value allows us to specify an image that is used to submit a form, in place of a Submit button. Even though this image is being used  You can use <button> and <input type=button> interchangeably. If you don't want <button> submitting in I.E., set its type like so: <button type="button">Text</button> – Darcy Jan 12 '11 at 20:41

CSS to the Point, How TO - Form on Image. ❮ Previous Next ❯. Learn how to add a form to a full-​width image with CSS. <button type="submit" class="btn">Login</button> </​form> .bg-img { /* The image used */ background-image: url("img_nature.jpg"); Specifies the name of an input element. The name and value of each input element are included in the HTTP request when the form is submitted. size: Specifies the width of the input in characters. src: Defines the source URL for an image input. type: button checkbox file hidden image password radio reset submit text: Defines the input type. value

Input Type: Here's What It Does In HTML (Plus Code Example) », To remove the standard button background image, define your own background image or set the background color to be transparent. Buttons created with the BUTTON element function just like buttons created with the INPUT element, but they offer richer rendering possibilities: the BUTTON element may have content. For example, a BUTTON element that contains an image functions like and may resemble an INPUT element whose type is set to “image”, but the BUTTON element type allows content.