Why I cannot connect to Kafka from outside?

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I am running kafka on ec2 instance. So amazon ec2 instance has two ips one is internal ip and second one is for external use.

I created producer from local machine, but it redirect to internal ip and give me connection unsuccessful error. Can anybody help me to configure kafka on ec2 instance, so that I can run producer from local machine. I am tried many combinations but didn't work.

In the Kafka FAQ (updated for new properties) you can read:

When a broker starts up, it registers its ip/port in ZK. You need to make sure the registered ip is consistent with what's listed in bootstrap.servers in the producer config. By default, the registered ip is given by InetAddress.getLocalHost.getHostAddress(). Typically, this should return the real ip of the host. However, sometimes (e.g., in EC2), the returned ip is an internal one and can't be connected to from outside. The solution is to explicitly set the host ip and port to be registered in ZK by setting the advertised.listeners property in server.properties.

Fully Managed Kafka Connect | Book A Demo, Build your application on the fastest & most scalable distributed streaming platform. original title: Cannot connect to kafka from outside. I have created this docker-compose file. running it using docker stack deploy -c stack.yml zookeeper. The problem is the kafka cluster is not accessible from outside, what should i do.

I solved this problem, by setting advertised.host.name in server.properties and metadata.broker.list in producer.properties to public IP address and host.name to

Why I cannot connect to Kafka from outside?, . Any local clients will need to use that same address, not localhost. I can ssh into the EC2 instances and curl localhost:8083 and get the response back from kafka-connect, but from outside the EC2, I don't get a response. To rule out networking issues between the load balancer and the cluster, I created a separate task defintion running Nginx on port 80 and I'm able to successfully hit it from outside the EC2

I just did this in AWS. First get the Kafka server to listen on the correct interface/IP using host.name. For your case this would be the internal IP, not localhost, since your intent is for outside Kafka clients to connect. Any local clients will need to use that same address, not localhost.

Then set advertised.host.name to a host name, not an IP address. The trick is to get that host name to always resolve to the correct IP for both internal and external machines. I use /etc/hosts inside and DNS outside. See my full answer about Kafka and name resolution here.

Docker swarm, original title: Cannot connect to kafka from outside I have created this docker-​compose file running it using docker stack deploy -c stack.yml  Changed the listeners property too but with these 2 changes it still won't connect. :-( I'm going to leave the advertised.listeners set to outside-the-Docker values, as I think this is right. Going to play with other settings for the listeners property tho--it may be something internal to Kafka and Zookeeper, which are in the same Docker.

The easiest way how to reach your Kafka server (version kafka_2.11-1.0.0) on EC2 from consumer in external network is to change the properties file


And modify the following line


Using your public address

Verified on 2.11-2.0.0

Connect to Kafka from a different machine, For security reasons, the Kafka ports in this solution cannot be to access from outside of a trusted network, please do not allow access to  Outside of Docker the ADVERTISED_HOST needed to be set to localhost, inside of docker, it was set to myproject_kafka_1 or whatever it ends up being on your system. To fix it, I added and entry in my MacOS host files that mapped to myproject_kafka_1 .

Below are the steps to connect Kafka from outside of EC2 instance.

  1. Open Kafka server properties file on EC2.


  2. Set the value of advertised.listeners to


    This should be your Public DNS (IPv4) of EC2 instance.

  3. Stop Kafka server.

  4. Start Kafka server to see above configuration changes in action.

  5. Now you can connect to your Kafka of EC2 instance from outside or from your localhost.

    Tried and tested on kafka_2.11-2.0.0

Connect to Kafka from a different machine or network, If, for development purposes, you need to access from outside of a trusted network, please do not allow access to those ports via a public IP  I have a kafka server in my local host, and i want to connect it in my docker container. I had searched how to connect local services in docker container and i found this: how-to-connect-to-local-mysql-server-through-docker. But it didn't work. Please help me, thanks~

Kafka Listeners – Explained, Otherwise, they'll try to connect to the internal host address—and if that's to the external address (host/IP) so that clients can correctly connect to it. back a hostname to which the client cannot connect, then hardcoding the  The second step is to try to connect to kafka container from a separate machine using Kafka Python. I cannot figure out how to make this scenario working. In particular i started docker-kafka container using a-more-complex-local-development-setup putting as KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME and ZOOKEEPER_IP the public IP of the (docker) host machine

Why I cannot connect to Kafka from outside? - amazon-ec2 - iOS, Below are the steps to connect Kafka from outside of EC2 instance. Open Kafka server properties file on EC2. /kafka_2.11-2.0.0/config/server.properties Set the  Kafka Connect, an open source component of Apache Kafka®, is a framework for connecting Kafka with external systems such as databases, key-value stores, search indexes, and file systems. Using Kafka Connect, you can deploy connector implementations for common data sources and sinks to move data into and out of Kafka.

Documentation - Apache Kafka, Note however that there cannot be more consumer instances in a consumer The first is always the configuration for the Kafka Connect process, containing There are a plethora of tools that integrate with Kafka outside the main distribution. A Kafka Connect plugin is simply a set of JAR files where Kafka Connect can find an implementation of one or more connectors, transforms, and/or converters. Kafka Connect isolates each plugin from one another so that libraries in one plugin are not affected by the libraries in any other plugins.