How to select from line to line in vi?

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I frequently want to select multiple lines in vi. e.g. from line 1 to line 10.

So, what I usually do when I want to jump from line to line is I type :110 to jump to line 110, e.g.

And, when I want to select from line to line, I usually press v to get into visual mode, and then I just scroll down using k or l.

So, intuitively it makes sense to me to just press v, and then type :<line number>. but that doesn't work.

How to select from line X to line Y in vi?

Cut/copy and paste using visual selection | Vim Tips Wiki, How do I delete a specific line in vi editor? Vi or Vim show line number command To display line numbers along the left side of a window, type any one of the following command while using text editor. First press the Esc key.

Selection by itself isn't meaningful; you usually want to invoke a command on the selection. Many commands that work on the visual selection have a corresponding Ex command. With that, going through visual mode is unnecessary if you already know the exact ranges. The great benefit of visual mode is that you can interactively and iteratively adapt the selected area if there's no single motion or text object.

The benefit :help :range is that you can succinctly specify the lines. For example, lines 110 to 120 can be written as :110,120, but also as :110;+10.

How to Copy a Certain Number of Lines Using Vim, Let's assume you want to highlight from line 10 to line 20. You can use: 1 0 G V 2 0 G. Breakdown: 1 0 enters 10 into the buffer; G goes to the  Press Ctrl+V to enter into ‘Visual block’ mode and press DOWN arrow to select all the lines in your file. Then, press Shift+i to enter INSERT mode (this will place your cursor on the first line). Press Shift+3  which will insert ‘#’ before your first line. Finally, press ESC key, and you can now see all lines are commented out.

If you set both number and relative number it becomes easy to see the target end line.

:set number relativenumber

So, let's say you are at the line 10 and the target line shows 11, you start your selection with capital V, then press 11j


If your block has blank lines before and after, just type vip (visuall inner paragraph)

How can I select and delete lines of text in vi?, The boundaries of a visual mode selection are defined by the < and > marks. Thus, the following command will enter visual mode with lines 5 through 10  When you use this command, vi creates a new blank line below your current line, and puts you in insert mode at that position. The uppercase letter "o" lets you open a new line just above your current line. When you use this command, vi creates a new blank line above your current line, and puts you in insert mode there.

simple just press Shift v line number gg

example: your current line to line 41 Just press Shift v 41 gg

note: you can move to selected line by press line number gg

How to select from line to line in vi?, No, you can only do rectangular selections with visual-block mode. Beside substitution, there are basically two ways to do what you want  While there are a number of vi commands, just a handful of these is usually sufficient for beginning vi users. To assist such users, this Web page contains a sampling of basic vi commands. The most basic and useful commands are marked with an asterisk (* or star) in the tables below. With practice, these commands should become automatic.

selecting a range of lines from command line, You can also use V in view mode to launch "VISUAL LINE" mode. Select your lines and type d to delete them. How do you select a single line in VIM, when your cursor as at some random point along that line? I know you can do (v, $) to get to the end of the line, or (v, ^) to get to the start, but when you do (v,$,^) it logically doesn't select the whole line, it selects from cursor, until end, then switches it to cursor until beginning

Can I select and edit specific positions in lines while in visual block , Using VI tool for editing config files. How can I select all the text in a file (around 1000 lines), copy it, then paste into Google Docs? To visually select multiple lines, you type V, then press j (or cursor down). You hold down Shift only to type the uppercase V . Do not press Shift after that.

How do i select all text in Vi/Vim?, Vim's visual mode allows you to select and manipulate text. Place the cursor to the line you want to begin copping or cutting. The visual mode  If you're already in vi, you can use the goto command. To do this, press Esc, type the line number, and then press Shift-g. If you press Esc and then Shift-g without specifying a line number, it will take you to the last line in the file. You can also use the ex command line to go to a line.

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