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How can I return 0 when the response status is 200?

Right now I'm able to get the status, e.g. 200 with the following command:

curl -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s

But what I need to do is turn this 200 in a return 0.

How can I achieve this? I tried the following command but it dowsn't return

if [$(curl -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s) == "200"]; then echo 0

Looks like you need some spaces and a fi. This works for me:

if [ $(curl -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s) == "200" ]; then echo 0; fi

Can I make cURL fail with an exitCode different than 0 if the HTTP , --fail returns an exit code > 0 when the request fails 3 curl options: curl -s --fail --show-error > /dev/null curl -s --fail --show-error  A lot of effort has gone into the project to make curl return a usable exit code when something goes wrong and it will always return 0 (zero) when the operation went as planned. If you write a shell script or batch file that invokes curl, you can always check the return code to detect problems in the invoked command.

You can also use the -f parameter:

(HTTP) Fail silently (no output at all) on server errors. This is mostly done to better enable scripts etc to better deal with failed attempts.


curl -f -LI

Will return status 0 if the call was sucessful.

How to Check HTTP Status Codes with cURL, supports HTTPS and performs SSL certificate verification by default when a secure protocol is specified such as HTTPS. You can make curl return actual HTTP status codes on standard out as long as you use the. -w <format> or --write-out <format>. command line option, using the format of %{http_code}.

Another way is to use the boolean operator && :

[ $(curl -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s) == "200" ] && echo 0

The second command will be executed only if the first part is True.

curl hide progress bar output on Linux/Unix shell scripts, A lot of effort has gone into the project to make curl return a usable exit code when something goes wrong and it will always return 0 (zero) when the operation​  Wait for an HTTP endpoint to return 200 OK with Bash and curl -

The most simple way is to check for curl's exit code.

$ curl --fail -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s > /dev/null
$ echo $?
$ curl --fail -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s > /dev/null
$ echo $?

Please note that --fail is neccessary here (details in this answer). Also note as pointed out by Bob in the comments (see footnote) that in case of a non-200 success code this will still return 0.

If you don't want to use that for whatever reason, here's the other approach:

http_code=$(curl -LI -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s)
if [ ${http_code} -eq 200 ]; then
    echo 0

The reason your code isn't working is because you have to add spaces within the brackets.

(Copied from my answer on SuperUser where OP cross-posted the by now deleted question)

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