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I am using RPSystemBroadcastPickerView to show a picker view, from which a user can select a broadcast service to record the screen. Based on documentation, preferredExtension should allow me to set which broadcast extension should the picker show.

The code is super simple:

let broadcastPickerView = RPSystemBroadcastPickerView(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 51, height: 51))
broadcastPickerView.preferredExtension = "com.milan.nosal.broadcast-extension"
broadcastPickerView.backgroundColor = .clear
broadcastPickerView.showsMicrophoneButton = false

where "com.milan.nosal.broadcast-extension" is the bundle identifier of the extension I want the picker to offer (I checked its correctness multiple times).

However, when the control is tapped, at first the pop up shows empty selection:

After you close it, and tap the control again, it shows the correct extension. This only happens when the app is installed (or reinstalled), after it shows, then it shows always.

Is this the iOS 12 beta bug, or am I doing something incorrectly? Can I "preregister" the extension to work around this?


After publishing the app, we encountered the same problem with our users, but this time not even tapping the control multiple times helps - the picker is always empty! It seems that the extension is installed correctly, because it can be launched from control center.

Running on official release now.

I think it is the apple's bug, but it was fixed in iOS 12.2 after I tested it.

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I have the same issue, looks like Xcode has some issues how to install broadcastExtension with you app. For me, It is related only for Debug mode. To see correct UI, try to enable broadcasting once in old way (control center -> deep touch -> start broadcast), after that in your BroadcastPickerView you will see correct UI (you are pushing iOS to update information about the extension). Cannot reproduce in release mode.

Introduction to ReplayKit: Building a Simple Screen Recording App , That is why Apple announced ReplayKit at WWDC15 along with iOS 9. ReplayKit is an incredible API which makes it extremely simple for  ReplayKit allows you to record the audio and video of your game, along with user commentary through the microphone and user video through the camera. Start a recording with the StartRecording () function, and stop it with StopRecording ().

You can find your exactly preferedExtension here:

When you add pickerView.preferredExtension exactly the Bundle Identifier, your app will be showed on the Recording App List. Hope this helps!

YouTube for iOS can now live stream ReplayKit apps and games , YouTube for iPhone and iPad now supports Apple's ReplayKit for live streaming iOS apps Duration: 8:18 Posted: Sep 5, 2017 ReplayKit allows you to record the audio and video of your game, along with user commentary through the microphone. Start a recording with the StartRecording () function, and stop it with StopRecording (). You can preview the recording with the Preview () function, which launches a separate video viewer.

If I do not set ".preferredExtension", I see all extensions on the list. I tested on iOS12 GM.

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Use ReplayKit to record any app on screen, From the docs: Apps on a user's device can share the recording function, with each app having its own instance of RPScreenRecorder. replaykit is a command line tool intended for mobile continuous integration, which provides the ability to: record touchscreen events from one device and replay to many (aspect ratios must be the same) control multiple devices concurrently (e.g., run a shell command, install an app, etc.)

  • looks like it's a bug in final iOS 12 as well.
  • For us, this does not happen only in debug. If this was not happenning for us in production, I would not care.
  • @MilanNosáľ Do you have scenario, when once you are started broadcast in old way and after that you cannot reproduce the issue?
  • I really really do not want to tell all the users to first go to control center, etc. - that beats the whole purpose of RPSystemBroadcastPickerView which was supposed to help starting system-wide replay kit broadcast from within the app without having to go through control center..
  • As a fast way solution, I can suggest to you to do first showing of the picker view without 'preferredExtension' property to show all providers and for all other cases use 'preferredExtension' property. You can use UserDefaults to save information about first loading of the 'RPSystemBroadcastPickerView'. Any way you need to notify apple about the behavior on @MilanNosáľ .
  • This does not answer the question - I need the preferedExtension property to work correctly
  • With preferredExtension, replayKit does not provide a way to select extensions. Without preferredExtension, ReplayKit provide a way to select extensions from list. "preferred" is misleading word. It should be "targetExtension", because user does not have choice to select.