Warning: Dangling Javadoc comment

Warning: Dangling Javadoc comment

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Since I updated my Android Studio (2.3.1) and build tools (2.3.1), I'm getting warning,

Warning: Dangling Javadoc comment

for comments like,

/** set name with format, {@Link FORMAT_NAME} **/

As you can see, I use javadoc style comment for linking and others. I'm wondering if there are other comment alternatives that have linking feature.


It looks like you are using a Javadoc comment when you call the method setNameText. Javadoc comments are to be inserted above a class declaration, a method declaration, or a field declaration.

If you simply want a comment when calling the method, use the one-line comment: // get formatted name based on {@link FORMAT_NAME}.

Warning: Dangling Javadoc comment, Should this be formatted as a multi-line comment, rather than a Javadoc? Is that a configuration option that I missed someplace? ūüė≥ Thanks! Package-Level Comments. With Javadoc 1.2, package-level doc comments are available. Each package can have its own package-level doc comment source file that The Javadoc tool will merge into the documentation that it produces. This file is named package.html (and is same name for all packages).

You may just turn it off in page "File-Settings-Editor-Inspections-Java-Javadoc issues-Dangling Javadoc comment".

Android Lint warning: "Dangling Javadoc comment" · Issue #129 , But IntelliJ gives me the warning "Dangling Javadoc comment." What makes this comment dangling? I thought because it's tagged with @file,  Javadoc comment are dangling if they don't belong to any class, method or field. For example a Javadoc comment in between method declarations that have their own javadoc comments. This PR relates to #2080.

You are using Javadoc format which starts with /** instead of a block comment format which starts with /* .

To alleviate that warning, always start your comments inside the methods with /* not /**.

Why does IntelliJ IDEA give a warning that this file javadoc , I use comments like those when writing code in eclipse, when switching to IntelliJ they're all considering as warnings. I was wondering if there was a way to  Javadoc comments only have meaning when they appear before a public class, or before public or protected variables and methods. The first line in a javadoc comment is a summary line. You'll see this description at the top of the HTML file for the class (i.e., Porsche.html), and also in the AllNames.html file.

Just replace "Dangling Javadoc Comment" with block comment.

how to deactivate dangling javadoc comment warnings (IntelliJ , Javadoc comments are dangling if they don't belong to any class, method or field. For example a Javadoc comment in between method declarations that have their‚Ä謆 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. Contribute to JetBrains/intellij-community development by creating an account on GitHub.

To me it seems like the right place for this comment is alongside method getFormattedName() because your comment explains the functionality of that method not the reason you're calling it.

Why does IntelliJ IDEA give a warning that this file javadoc is , java inside that package and adding a Javadoc comment to the package declaration in that file, for example: // Flagged with "Dangling Javadoc  [ Natty] android Warning: Dangling Javadoc comment By: Qian Sijianhao 2.5; [ Natty] android Android: How to handle right to left swipe

"Dangling Javadoc comment" inspection package comment in , java" source files. When you're satisfied with your code and comments, you simply run the javadoc command, and your HTML-style  List of Java inspections Arquillian. Warning. Stream API call chain can be replaced with loop. Warning. Dangling Javadoc comment. Enabled.

How to put comments in your code with Javadoc, For reference material on Javadoc tags, see the Javadoc reference pages. Thus, there are commonly two different ways to write doc comments -- as API for alerting the compiler warning and the @deprecated tag for the comment text. Java comments are notes in a Java code file that are ignored by the compiler and runtime engine. They are used to annotate the code in order to clarify its design and purpose. You can add an unlimited number of comments to a Java file, but there are some "best practices" to follow when using comments.

How to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc Tool, Javadoc is not yet smart enough to copy over images (GIF, JPEG, etc) to the destination directory. You must copy them manually until we add that feature in Javaodoc 1.2. The following are the JavaSoft proposals for conventions for including images in doc comments; Javadoc does not yet support any of these.