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I'm trying to add a class to a bunch of links whose suffix ends in .pdf as follows:

var pdfs = jQuery("a[href$='.pdf']"); //Choosing .pdf links
pdfs.each(addClass("pdf")); // Adding the class

This doesn't work, however, as the browser console prints this error when I try to reload the HTML file calling the .js file:

ReferenceError: addClass is not defined

Why is this happening?

jQuery allows you to perform it's API methods not only on single elements, but also on collections of elements (which is one of the nice advantages over the native DOM API).

The easiest way to achieve your goal is to capitalize on that:

var pdfs = jQuery("a[href$='.pdf']"); //Choosing .pdf links
pdfs.addClass("pdf"); // Adding the class

jQuery $.each() function is for those cases where you want to do something with each element in the collection that is not available as an API method in jQuery. It expects you pass it a function that gets passed the current element in each iteration as this:

var pdfs = jQuery("a[href$='.pdf']"); //Choosing .pdf links
pdfs.each(function() { console.log(this.href); }) // perform something jQuery doesn't offer as an API method

If you insist on using $.each(), the code is this:

var pdfs = jQuery("a[href$='.pdf']"); //Choosing .pdf links
pdfs.each(function() { $(this).addClass("pdf"); }); // Adding the class

[Solved] Why jquery method addClass() is not working?, The class 'red' is added to the div when the mouse leaves. However because you are adding in-line CSS styling during the mouseenter  It should be pdfs.addClass("pdf") Why is this happening? because You have not defined the function addClass() – Satpal Sep 12 '18 at 10:56 2 It's because you're calling addClass() as if it were an externally defined function, not as though it's part of a jQuery object.


After choosing the pdf links you can directly call the addClass method on the variable pdfs because this is a jquery object and the class will be applied to all the links.

var pdfs = jQuery("a[href$='.pdf']"); //Choosing .pdf links
pdfs.addClass("pdf"); // Adding the class

jQuery, The addClass is an inbuilt method in jQuery which is used to add more property to each selected element. It can also be used to change the property of the  Re: Excel does not recognize my formulas Assuming you haven't formgotten an = sign, this only happens when the cell. you are entering data into is formatted as text. If you insert a column to. the right of another column, then it will take on the formatting of the. column to its left, so if text to the left thne your new column is text.

So... in whole:

$("a[href$='.pdf']").each(function () {

.addClass(), Within the function, this refers to the current element in the set. It's important to note that this method does not replace a class. It simply adds the class, appending it  Unfortunately, you did not specify the DevExtreme version you are using. Nevertheless, I assume that it is v17.2 due to the "addClass" issue. If so, it looks like you have faced the following Breaking Change: BC4148 - The jQuery integration module should now be imported manually when using the modular approach

.each needs a function (delegate) for calling it for per item of jQuery result, but func() (in this case: addClass(..)) will call addClass function (that is not defined in current scope) and pass result of calling it to each function.

you can access to addClass function of per item, like this:

pdfs.each(function(index, pdf){

or for all:


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addClass(className) is a method of DOM element object. Must be called with element object. when we call addClass() without DOM object reference it look for local function, and thus throw the reference error.

var pdfs = jQuery("a[href$='.pdf']"); 
pdfs.each(function() {
  $(this).addClass( "foo" );

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  • It should be pdfs.addClass("pdf") Why is this happening? because You have not defined the function addClass()
  • It's because you're calling addClass() as if it were an externally defined function, not as though it's part of a jQuery object. Note that you don't even need the each() here, just $("a[href$='.pdf']").addClass('pdf'); will work.
  • Please take the time to describe what the issues are and why this solution helps. Remember, we're here to educate people, not just dump code on them.
  • It's also available for jQuery collection objects, which makes jQuery so convenient. pdfs.addClass("pdf"); does the job.
  • Yes, @connexo. But I explained about native addClass() method