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I'm new to Android field . I have followed the procedure of getting Hindi fonts on emulator but still Hindi characters are appearing in square boxes. Please help me how to proceed. I m using android 2.2 ,juno version. Any help regarding above problem will be highly appreciated.

Set The Hindi Font on TextView in Android

 TextView t = new TextView(this);
 Typeface Hindi = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "fonts/mangle.ttf");
 t.setText("Naveen Tamrakar");

How to Install Hindi Fonts KRUTIDEV 010 in Android Mobile or , Why you install a Kruti dev hindi fonts? You just need to go setting option and change language of your android device to Hindi. You will be happier. Download and save these hindi font files to your device - DroidHindi.ttf and DroidSansFallback.ttf. Now copy these two font files to /system/fonts/ on your android device using root file-explorer, replace any file if asked for.

Android does not yet fully support Hindi (droid fonts):

Read this link.

Read Hindi Text and Download Hindi Font, ttf file of the font and paste it in Fonts folder (Directory). Apps are available in play store to read hindi fonts. The procedure for installing Hindi Unicode font is: Step 1​  How to Install Fonts/Change Fonts on Android-Hindi tutorial is one of the popular video about How to Open fnt File - Easy Guide in File Formats (Svvs Channel) In this video you will learn how you can install fonts on an android by using these simple steps to learn more .

Create a folder in assets as "fonts". Place your .ttf file of font in that.

then try the code as :

Typeface fontHindi = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "fonts/font.ttf");

It works for me. Hope it works for you too.

How to install a Kruti Dev 010 Hindi font on an Android device, There's NO support for Hindi or any other Indian languages built-in, in all Android versions up to and including FroYo (2.2). Gingerbread (2.3) does support Hindi  (Svvs Channel) In this video you will learn how you can install fonts on an android by using these simple steps to learn more about computer basics course, Ms Word, Excel, Power Point Internet

You can download hindi fonts from and copy it in /system/font directory of your phone. The font will be installed.

How to read Hindi office files in an Android, Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS” section, check Google Hindi Input, then click Default and select “Hindi” in the “  How to use Hindi Font in Android with out Root अगर कहीं दिक्कत आती है तो WPS Office को अपडेट करें WPS के कुछ वर्जन

First of all download hindi font, d the OTF/TTF file you get, save that in asset folder, eclipse has already the folder, if you are using android studio, then make a new folder in project/app/src/main.

Then in java file, suppose you have to apply your font on TextView t1, use the code..

Typeface mytypeface= Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),"font-file_name.TTF");

How can install a Hindi font in Android 2.1?, Hindi In Default Android eMail App. Steps to install custom fonts on your Google Android device : For this hack to work you must have a rooted  You can download hindi fonts from and copy it in /system/font directory of your phone. The font will be installed.

How to Type/Install Hindi Font in Android Mobile, You can install any Hindi TrueType (.ttf) fonts on your iPhone or Android devices. For this, download one of the font and view instructions at the end for installation​  This video will guide you on how to install Hindi keyboard with Devanagari fonts on any Android smartphones. The android device should support UNICODE characters. To know more read the article at

[Solution], In this example we'll show you how to support hindi, bangala, marathi fonts in Android application. Android phone doesn't support Devanagari  Find fonts purchase on KensaQ updates its results daily to help you find what you are looking for. Search Now!

17 FREE Hindi fonts,

  • Have you tried setting the emulator's locale and language? What about setting the system font to the uploaded font?
  • Android doesn't support Hindi fonts by default, so changing locale and language don't help. Manoj's suggestion to add it as a font might work, though it will probably still have problems loading it from WebView if you choose to do so.
  • there is no option of hindi fonts in locale i have copied the hindi fonts in asset can i add hindi fonts in locale n language as hindi..?
  • where u want to use hindi fonts.. whether in program or in device
  • this site provides exe files, not ttf fonts.