Can interconnect be resolved in to struct type?

Can interconnect be resolved in to struct type?

I am getting error in elaboration of below sv code, Can interconnect resolved to struct?

 struct {
    byte a;
    reg b;
    shortint unsigned c;
  } myLocalStruct;

module top;
    interconnect n;
    structData sD(n);

module structData( myLocalStruct x);

  initial begin
    $display ("a = %b b = %b c = %h", x.a, x.b, x.c);
    $display ("a = %b b = %b c = %h", x.a, 
         x.b, x.c);
     #1  $finish;

verilog - Can interconnect be resolved in to struct type?, different interconnection architecture or standards for interstate switched access expanded interconnection arrangements can also use these facilities for we generally propose to resolve the rate structure and pricing issues for switched on the number or type of interconnected circuits an interconnector has unless the  Each of the blocks from this library has some of its inputs of structure type (always defined by UDT) When I use one of these library blocks in CFC and I try to create an interconnection between its input parameters of structure type and a shared DB, which contains structures of the same type I get following error:

yes, you can use interconnect with the struct type. However to declare the struct as a port type you need to use typedef (as in Daves reply).

Also, the point of interconnect is to provide a type-less connection between modules, so it makes no sense to use it in a single module.

From lrm 6.6.8:

A net or port declared as interconnect (an interconnect net or port) indicates a typeless or generic net. Such nets or ports are only able to express net port and terminal connections and shall not be used in any procedural context nor in any continuous or procedural continuous assignments. An interconnect net or port shall not be used in any expression other than a net_lvalue expression in which all nets or ports in the expression are also interconnect nets. An interconnect array shall be considered valid even if different bits in the array are resolved to different net types as demonstrated in the following example.

There are several examples in the standard, here is yet another simple example of use the interconnect with structs:

package is_pkg;
   typedef struct {
      bit         a,b,c;
   } S;

module top();
   interconnect  bus;

   tb tb(bus);
   dut dut(bus);

endmodule // top

module tb import is_pkg::*; (output S so);
     so = '{0,1,1};
endmodule // tb

module dut import is_pkg::*; (input S si);
   always @*
     $display("struct: %b%b%b", si.a, si.b, si.c);

endmodule // dut

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System Verilog LRM 1800-2017 says following for port connection rule.

It shall be illegal to connect a port variable to an interconnect port or interconnect net.

Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Resilience and , Thus, some kind of backpressure mechanism is needed to throttle the packets They have a regular structure to interconnect many switch modules that can be 2 1980s tried to resolve this problem by limiting the number of packets that can  Say, I have used SFC14 in CFC. Then how do I interconnect the pin named "Record". For Example : I have to Store 12 bytes in DB100 Starting from address DBX0.0. How do I put this for the pin named "Record". If I directly use P#DB100.DBX0.0 BYTE 12, this gives me a problem. Can u guide me how this could be achieved in a bit detailed way: Best

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Metrology and Diagnostic Techniques for Nanoelectronics, Explicit: Type-less/Generic nets with keyword: interconnect A SystemVerilog user-defined nettype without any resolution function can be typedef struct {. Creates a structure array. Any data type (such as matrix, string, dataset) can be added to structure arrays. Since Lumerical 2019b R4 version, users can also declare a structure array by using the