C++ Program through CLion cannot find environment variable

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clion cmake does not work in this environment
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I am trying to write a C++ program in CLion and use one self-defined environment variable. The OS is Ubuntu 16.04

Say the environment variable is the $test.

int main (int argc, char **argv){


I have set the environment variable in the setting->build...->CMAKE->Environment environment variable set

I am able to print it when build through CMAKE.


this is test

But whenbuild and run the compiled code above, only $PATH was print out. It seems the program cannot find the $test variable.

Anyone know how to tackle this problem?

Well, I don't know CLion, but it sure looks like you set the environment variable for use in CMake only. When you run your program, it's simply not set.

CLion answers frequently asked questions, Q: How to pass environment variables and parameters to CMake in CLion? By the way, in this wiki you can find a lot of useful CMake variables with descriptions that can be project builds successfully, but successful build doesn't help CLion to find anyway. How does CLion work for C code bases? Hi, I'm a newbie to programming in C++ so I apologize if my questions are too amateur. I just recently installed CLion on my Windows 7 machine and if I just attempt to run the Hello World

I had the same problem and below steps resolved my issue. Set your variables in

Run->Edit Configurations, Application/Environment Variables

Quick Tutorial: Configure CLion on Windows - Help, As a determining part of a toolchain, the environment provides C and C++ In the MinGW installer, select the following packages from the Basic Setup list: If CLion cannot detect compilers or make, double-check the installed For the case when your code includes MSVC extensions, CLion provides the support for:​. Currently, you cannot create a new project of these types within CLion, but you can open and manage an existing one with full code insight available. With Gradle support, you can work with new Gradle C++ projects and run Gradle tasks as regular applications.

If you want to read environment variable in C++ runtime e.g. using std::getenv.

You can add such variable in "Run Configurations" (IMPORTANT not CMake environment variables)

And then in your code:

std::filesystem::path getRootConfigPath()
    // std::getenv can return nullptr and this is why we CAN'T assign it directly to std::string
    const char* path = std::getenv("TEST_CONFIG_DIR");
        path == nullptr, WHERE_IN_FILE, "No such environment variable: ${TEST_CONFIG_DIR}");

                                  "Missing ${TEST_CONFIG_DIR} environment variable");

    const std::filesystem::path testConfigDir{path};
    gcpp::exception::fail_if_false(std::filesystem::exists(testConfigDir) &&
                                   "Invalid ${TEST_CONFIG_DIR} dir:" + testConfigDir.string());
    return testConfigDir;

Source of gcpp::exception::fail_if_true

Other way to do this in more friendly way when running unit tests is add this variable to template.

So whenever you click:

Such variable will be there already.

CMake Profile - Help, To set up the profiles for your project, go to Settings / Preferences | Build, Currently, this setting does not apply to the case of creating a CMake project You can also create conditional statements in your code based on the current build type: To include parent environment, open the Environment Variables dialog by  why doesn't getenv work why doesnt getenv work? c program getenv tsch linux why does c program getenv return null in tsc tschell fail how to write code using getenv using getenv getenv include c code unix environment variables unix enviroment variable C code to read unix enviroment variable

How to specify environment variables for cmake invocation – IDEs , But I can't figure out how to get CLion to use those values (instead of creating a shell script with the env variables set that invokes cmake set(​CMAKE_C_COMPILER /usr/bin/clang CACHE FILEPATH "c In addition the cmakelists.txt is inside a subdirectory and referencing other sub scripts from there​. Hello! Most likely rc.exe is not in the PATH.. Please try adding the path to rc.exe to your system path: Control Panel ⇒ (Optional) System and Security ⇒ System ⇒ Advanced System Settings ⇒ Advanced tab ⇒ Environment Variables ⇒ System Variables ⇒ Select variable named "PATH" ⇒ Edit ⇒ Add the necessary path to the existing PATH entry.

Quick Start Guide - Help, CLion fully integrates with the CMake build system: you can create, open, build and For C/C++ projects, CLion uses GCC/G++, Clang, or MSVC toolset. See Valuable language plugins and explore the Plugins page in Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S . Create from usage works for variables and classes as well:. Do you have c:\blahblahpathto\MinGW-w64\bin in your system variables. Some installations add it as part of the install, some seem not to. I think it is necessary for CLion to find the environment. Open up system environment variables, and check if it's there. On my system it is C:\TDM-GCC-64\bin

Error: The C compiler is not able to compile a simple test program , Check for working C compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual CMake Error at C:/Program Files/JetBrains/CLion The system cannot find the file specifiedNMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Sort by Date Votes tab ⇒ Environment Variables ⇒ System Variables ⇒ Select variable named  CLion automatically creates a Google Test configuration for every CMake target linked with gtest or gmock. To create a Google Test configuration, go to Run | Edit Configurations , click and select Google Test from the list of templates.