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I am using the Dabeng Orgchart library (great library, btw), but I would like to customize the nodes, specifically creating a diamond instead of the squares they have in most examples. I have seen the createNode method, and I have found various css for creating a diamond but I cant figure out how to integrate it in dabeng org chart. What I want to do is display a diamond if some conditions are met, and the default square shapes if others are met. I have searched around google, but no example for changing the shape.

I am currently using the nodeTemplate attribute for the orgchart. Example:

var oc = $('#container').orgchart({
   'nodeTemplate': orgTemplate,

In your orgtemplate function, data is whatever you have included in your orgchart data (in the example it would be name and title). You can stuff this object with other flags. For example, I have a chart in which I create new nodes and allow users to enter data into the node before committing it to the graph. I have a flag in my data object for data.isSaved to tell my template whether or not this node is saved or not. If it is saved, I have inline html checks (in AngularJS using ngIf's and the like, if you're familiar with AngularJS at all) to change the template based on the data.

In VanillaJS, you can just return pure HTML without the $compile and all that attached to pump in your own node template. You could actually do your check within the function for example:

function orgTemplate(data) {
    if(data.isDiamond) {
       return '<div class="diamond">...</div>';
    } else {
       return '<div class="square">...</div>';

I'm using AngularJS in my website so I define new scopes and use angular directives to make it more expandable. This is for reference for anyone else who stumbles upon this. My orgTemplate function is defined below.

function orgTemplate(data) {
    var newScope = $scope.$new(true); = data;
    return ( $compile('<div data-ng-include="\'.../template.html\'"></div>')(newScope));

Here's the orgChart Github as I'm sure you've browsed many times. If you look at the bottom you will see the nodeTemplate attribute definition I mention above. Hope this helps!

Side Note: I have had some trouble with styling when using custom templates, especially when defining different graph directions (i.e. 'l2r').

Style node of Dabeng's OrgChart library, I am using the Dabeng Orgchart library (great library, btw), but I would like to customize the nodes, specifically creating a diamond instead of  A Component that provides the node content Markup. This is a useful prop when you want to use your own styles and markup to create a custom orgchart node. onClickChart: function: A callback fired when the orgchart is clicking. onClickNode: function: A callback fired when the node is clicking. pan: boolean: false: If true, the chart can be panned. pan: boolean: false

I would suggest you to use getorgchart instead it is highly customizable

OrgChart/filter-node.html at master · dabeng/OrgChart · GitHub, <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">. <style type="text/css"> .orgchart { background: #fff; } .orgchart .node.matched { background-color: rgba(238, 217, 54,  It's a simple and direct organization chart plugin. Anytime you want a tree-like chart, you can turn to OrgChart. - dabeng/OrgChart

You can now customize your own node structure or shape with option "ndoeTemplate":

var nodeTemplate = function(data) {
  return `
    <span class="office">${}</span>
    <div class="title">${}</div>
    <div class="content">${data.title}</div>

var oc = $('#chart-container').orgchart({
  'data' : ds,
  'nodeTemplate': nodeTemplate

Feel free to play around with this demo.

OrgChart/center-on-selected-node.html at master · dabeng/OrgChart , you can turn to OrgChart. - dabeng/OrgChart. OrgChart/demo/center-on-​selected-node.html. Find file Copy path <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.​css">. In the pan and zoom, i need to change the json data name to hyperlink,can someone suggest how can it be done? For example: Here, 'children':[ { 'name': 'Bo Miao', 'title': 'department manager' } ] I need to change "Bo Miao" to hyperlink

Adding hyperlink to node in Pan and Zoom style of OrgChart, 1. <div id="chart-container"></div>. 2. ​. 3. <a id="github-link" href="https://github.​com/dabeng/OrgChart" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-github-square"></i></a>. how to style angular version of Dabeng org chart #556 opened Mar 20, 2020 by Rusty711 Keep nodes open when going back to the browser page.

jquery organization chart -- chart editing - JSFiddle, <input type="text" id="selected-node" class="selected-node-group"> <a id="​github-link" href="" target="_blank"><i class="​fa  Style node of Dabeng's OrgChart library I am using the Dabeng Orgchart library (great library, btw), but I would like to customize the nodes, specifically creating a diamond instead of the squares they have in most examples.

Example: Node Styling, Example: Node Styling. This example shows how to style an element using Node​. Click me to change my text color and show some style information. style.color  I've got it working using the tools @dabeng provided via the OrgChart which is brilliant. So you'll have to explore how to get the data from the Db and how to save it back. To give a bit of an example, I store my tree in the DB and I configure the position of the nodes via Parent property: Id User Parent 1 u1 -1 2 u2 1 3 u3 1

  • I think this demand has little to do with orgchart plguin. It's up to you to define any type of shapes for nodes in orgchart.
  • please tell me how is the class="content" working here bcs I can't find any css for the same at the specified link